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Perekrestok trade routes.

As already reported, the Tauride Palace in the northern capital success VIII Petersburg International Economic Forum ..

took part in its work and stavropoltsy. About the forum, the prospects for further business cooperation with it tells the head of the delegation, first deputy chairman of the regional government, the head of the Administration of Caucasian Mineral Waters Vitaly Mikhailenko.

- The motto of the forum, held under the patronage of the president of Russia, and the organizing committee chaired by the head of the Federation Council of Russia: - В«Effective economy - decent lifeВ». It was attended by delegations from 47 countries. More than three thousand representatives of political and business elites discuss, exchange views, to enter into contracts and agreements of intent. It is the principle of democratic organization of the forum - this discussion of efforts to search for the truth, the end result.

- Vitali Ivanovich, said that an important component of such a spectacular form of political and business elite are the presentation.

- Absolutely. It is gratifying that this year, along with the presentation of Armenia and the Czech Republic at the forum and presented our Southern Federal District, all the actors, including the Stavropol region. We are well prepared. Our stand was visited by Sergei Mironov and plenipotentiary of the president in YUFO Vladimir Yakovlev.

They praised expositions health CMS products such renowned enterprises as JSC В«CompanyВ« Arnest В», OJSCВ« Narzan В», firmВ« Mirkom В», Ltd.В« LIC В», Ltd.В« Tempo В», OJSCВ« Phoenix В»and others.

I want to note that among the general sponsor of the forum has been our long time business partner В«Moscow Industrial BankВ», who at the Stavropol Territory, in particular at the Caucasian Mineral Waters, is sponsoring a number of interesting projects. And its President Abubakar Arsmakovu offered to speak on the development of the domestic aviation industry is already on the first day.

listened with great interest the members of the delegations of the Russian Federation and foreign countries, the story of Stavropol. The fact that the whole of 2003, we passed under the sign of the celebration of 200 anniversary of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, unique therapeutic mineral riches card Stavropol.

At the end of last year in Stavropol YUFO took second place on the growth of real incomes of population, the third - the fastest growth in industrial production, fifth place - for writing home.

Official unemployment among us - one of the lowest in the region. The last 5 years, the economy on the edge of the main socio-economic performance of developing rate above Central. Today, we have no doubt about the success of the goals set by our president of Russia to double in a decade, gross domestic product, reduce poverty, the welfare of the people. These achievements are highly appreciated: Stavropol awarded the Order of Peter the Great - the highest award the country the public.

- What are the speeches at the forum made the greatest impression on you?

- First, it was the opening gala in Dumskom Hall Taurian Palace. Opening remarks made chairman of the forum organizing committee, the chairman of the Federation Council Sergei Mironov. President Vladimir Putin announced his plenipotentiary representative in the Northwest Federal District Ilya Klebanov. Were there, and these words: В«your forum, bringing together representatives of public authorities, business and science, has already won widespread acceptance. There is a serious and professional discussion on the current socio-economic problems, born promising international initiatives and projects.

It is important that more attention you give to find a new model of economic cooperation within the Commonwealth of Independent States. I am confident that the partnership and the close integration of our countries to effectively help upgrade the national economy, to take its rightful place in the world economic system В».

Well, of course, with great attention has been heard the report of the President of the Government of Russia Mikhail Fradkov, who outlined the main directions of the country's economic development, address the Russian Federation State Duma Chairman Boris Gryzlov.

- expected any practical economic effect on participation in the forum of our delegation?

- sure. Stavropol Territory has an advantageous geographical position between two seas at the crossroads of trade routes, the North - South Europe - Asia and has long attracted and continues to attract large-scale tovaropotoki. In addition, the investment attractiveness of the edge attached to favorable soil and climatic conditions for agricultural production, significant reserves of oil, gas, mineral water, non-metallic materials, the existence of a ring of fiber-optic lines with full coverage, the largest concentration in the North Caucasus capacity of generating electricity.

To date, the Stavropol Territory operates a package of investment laws that will significantly reduce the investment risks and enter into the top three subjects of the Russian Federation on the investment law.

in the region have already implemented a number of large-scale projects with the participation of foreign investors from 52 odd countries in the world. That is why the forum participants expressed a keen interest in Stavropolskomu edge to our federal city, after they learned that the region has unique natural resources, medicinal value of which has no analogues not only in Russia but also abroad. We await the results of the negotiations, a number of delegations from the arrival of the Russian Federation and abroad. We discuss with them issues of the construction of new health, plants for bottling mineral water and spa facilities infrastructure.

- St. Petersburg is called the cultural capital of Russia. Did you choose a tense time in the forum to learn about the city?

- Here I should say big thanks to the authorized representative, Vladimir Yakovlev, who consolidated all of our delegation and personally made every effort to ensure that we have seen St. Petersburg in its updated to the anniversary of beauty .

We visited the exhibition hall В«Artists RussiaВ», take a boat on the Neva River, met with the expositions of the Hermitage, enjoyed a concert of soloists, singers and ballet soloists of the State Academic Mariinsky Theater and enjoy the architectural monuments. Just to say that St. Petersburg pohoroshel changed for the better.

In all his life will remain the memory of the reception, organized by Sergei Mironov, and St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matvienko, and ... the white nights.

In general, good impressions VIII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and the city itself - ÐÒÅÄÏÓÔÁÔÏÞÎÏ.

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