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At Kuban is a need to transfer utilities into the hands of business.

12 October, the administration of the Krasnodar Territory was held on the willingness of the housing and communal complex and social infrastructure of cities and areas to the edge of the autumn-winter 2004-2005 year.

According to IA REGNUM, the press service of OAO Kubanenergo, chaired the meeting head of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev. Among its members - vice-governors, responsible for economic affairs and finance, utilities, fuel and energy complex, the heads of all municipalities, as well as leaders of the main Power Supply Kubany organizations. Governor began his speech with the presentation of the meeting. Crowd was a new general director of OAO "Kubanenergo" Yu Hardikov.

It is estimated Gosstroy, the willingness of regional housing and communal services to the autumn-winter period is assessed as satisfactory.

This decision requires a number of serious problems, including debt of utility consumers for energy. According to Alexander Tkachev, debt is corrupting utilities, do not let it develop normally. Heads of local governments encouraged to strengthen work with consumers. Unacceptable situation of theft of electricity and late payment for the use of it. The governor noted that there is a situation where there is a need to transfer utilities into the hands of business. With the arrival of investors dramatically increase the payment discipline of consumers of utility services.

problem of timely payment for energy has continued in his speech, deputy head of administration of the province of industry, transport and energy A. Gavrilov. The problem of electricity consumers are not technical but financial. Timely payment for electricity and gas is one of the key performance indicators of ZhKH.Yu.Hardikov particularly thanked the governor for understanding and assistance in solving the problems of energy Kubany. He supported the position of governor, is that many of the problems lie in the plane HCS personnel decisions. Enterprises should guide professionals with a clear business logic. An illustrative example of this - the change in leadership in Sochi energorayone. If the seven months of this year, extra, including commercial losses at a branch of the Company amounted to 111 million kw / h, for September - zero.

Yu Hardikov informed the meeting about the project "Northern Lights", which contributes to the regional program of socio-economic development of northern areas of the Krasnodar Territory (North) in 2004 - 2010 years. The project aims at providing street lighting settlements Kubany. Stanitsa Kuschevskaya will be the first, where this year will cover all the streets of the district center.

Governor Kubany approved business mood Kuban energy, and noted the need to find means to solve the problem of street lighting.

One option, according to the governor, could be financed through the tariff. This requires the interest and support of heads of municipalities.

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