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When your stomach says, silence democracy.

One day, he talked with the mayor of Stavropol, he was then Mikhail Kuzmin, on how to replenish the city coffers, I drew his attention to the «spontaneous» traffickers - the elderly, sell on the streets of the city every trifle: flowers, seeds, cakes and so on.

M. Kuz'min just waved his hand - he said, which is earnings, and admitted that he gave «installation» grandmothers not to touch - even traded earn extra penny for retirement. All better than mitingovat on the area or to dig for pomoyke ...

sermyazhnaya But the truth is that in terms of Russia - which may not work very good law, even «goodness» king (the mayor, governor, president), be sure to be broken system rules, «concepts», who are forced to live in society.

And so quite often pyatachke, near the flower market on the street Tukhachevskogo, I am relentless curiosity to see the same picture: the police sergeant, with bypassing the territory entrusted with lazily-pokrovitelstvennoy bomb on the face receives from babulek where the pie with a glass of seeds, where a pack of cigarettes.

course, free of charge, because such a «rule»: he knows that the grandmothers do not have permission to trade, and she knows what he knows. And this is not the mayor, a sergeant (or petty officer) may allow her to earn extra penny, but could not solve. And it «rule» applies to the whole economy of the country - both legal and shadow.

seems, and the president thinks so. Anyway, after Beslan, in its pro-me speech, Putin said that not only law enforcement agencies, courts and mired in corruption. I would put it more precisely: all of the state in her ears. And who is to blame? The President answered that question very diplomatically «We allowed ...». So I, you, he, it ... Why? In our country everyone is equal - rich and poor when it comes to that, you need to pay bribes for the solution of a problem. Opportunities, however, different. But now sirym, it may be easier sigh: the President declared the fight against poverty - that is, reducing the number of poor by half. A new method to achieve this goal so far, no one tells. Therefore, we will «dance» of what is.

Constitution states that everyone has the right to pay no less than the subsistence minimum, which, incidentally, in the second quarter of 2004, the average in Russia amounted to 2363 rubles. This so-called poverty line, which are the vast number of retirees and a large proportion of the working population.

Statistics argues that incomes below the subsistence level are 20,8% of Russians.

Act calls them «poor», President - «poor», but it is certainly not in terms of a catastrophically low level of living. Statisticians figure, I think it is possible to multiply by two, because between the income of poor and those who are above the subsistence level, are often only 100-200 rubles - a kilogram of sausage.

What is social assistance today, the State guarantees the poor? For example, housing subsidies - to offset the costs of services utilities, many of whom probably have heard. This grant is entitled to the family, which has to pay for housing and utility services takes more than 21% of revenue. But in fact, not particularly enjoy. The effectiveness of this tool help the poor said the following fact. In the Stavropol Territory, according to statistics, 29.8% of households have incomes below the subsistence level (for the edge of it was in the II quarter of 2004, 2128 rub., That is below the average), a 812 thousand people. And now imagine Stavropol with almost half the population, which is poor byudzhetnikov, polugolodnyh workers, students and pensioners. I am overwhelmingly surprised to learn that only 6.5 thousand families regional center receive housing subsidies. There is a reason to pause. For example, a young family with a total income of 5 thousand - that is, by the standards of the state is no longer the poor - will gorbatitsya at the factory, hospital, or behind the counter, half of the money paying for the removal of the corner without any hope in the future to buy their homes. Help them to not put. They dream of a child, but are afraid to produce the poor ...

situation in the countryside - in times worse. Farmer, who kept at the expense of farming, can not like in the Soviet «take» (a bish steal) from the native collective feed to raise a pig or a cow to keep. Yes and no mother households, or there Ltd. JSC, which is passing through bankruptcy, often criminal, got the owner or investor, as is now fashionable to talk about. He did not ukradesh - trice cripple do. Pays pennies, and then only occasionally. From the despair of the village of drinking black: not only men but women who give birth to handicapped children - the future «construction» in Russia.

It is about the physical survival of the nation, the poor in the first place, which almost polstrany, and the president interprets that «our national idea should be the competitiveness of Russia».

In fact he is right, but first you need to feed the hungry, and then another, and explain to them what is meant by «competitive» or, for example, «democracy».

However, the second word, you can not teach: the stomach when he says, democracy is silent. Good job, food, a roof - that's what you need to normal rossiyaninu. And whoever it is all who were lucky enough to get the first 50 percent of non-poor category, even easy «forget», that is democracy, when it comes to replace the more usual word «Order». Because to live in a corrupt state can be, but it is troublesome and unpleasant. Not to speak of the second half of starvation, which is just dreaming about the order of (food, paper, roof). And how many would object if in order to achieve this order will need to support the president, who says he wants to fight terrorism effectively deny people the constitutional right to elect governors. He will be their punishment and mercy. Yes please! This is because only a hero funny writer Saltykov-Shchedrin mayalsya, saying: «something like: whether the Constitution, whether sevryuzhiny with horseradish». Many Russians that choice should not be long. Fatalism, Russian «maybe» faith «in good king», which kultivirovalis centuries, not to destroy a dozen years of relative democracy. She did not understand and frightening in Russia. Who will defend it?

poor, as evidenced by history, may endure as long as you want and for the promise Some may vote for the king.

Tyavknut only oligarchs, rich thin layer, which has a lot to lose by a handful of human rights and fundamental fanatics. Or maybe I'm wrong?

But that anyway in the minds of our rulers about the future «settlement» the country, the truth is that it is impossible to build the economy in tears beggars. The procedure - it is possible, and the economy - no. And even the fight against terrorism without a strong economy is doomed to failure. It is sacrilegiously sounds, but tens of thousands of mothers who do not know what tomorrow to feed the children, far from the grief of those whose loved ones died in the attacks.

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