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In the first quarter of 2004, real incomes of the population Kubany grew by 11.8%.

The first deputy head of administration of the province Alexander Remezkov PLANERNOE held an expanded meeting with the heads of the departments of industry of economic bloc, federal services and agencies.

According to IA REGNUM, the press service of the administration of Krasnodar region, as a result of personnel reform of the participants of the meeting has changed.

Department of Economic Development, Investment and Foreign Relations of the Krasnodar Territory, which was headed by Anton Vylomov should become an engine of economic bloc Administration of Krasnodar region.

Department building, which is headed by Anatoly Potapenko now need to move from the division of money allocated to kapvlozheniya by multiplying the volume of construction and production of building materials industry.

Department of Agriculture and Processing Industry of Krasnodar Region under the leadership of Sergey Schepkin go to market approach to solving all the problems of the agro-industrial complex. The Department of Industry and Forest Resources of Krasnodar region, led by Alexander Dyachenko must ensure that at each edge of the enterprise has a quality management and quality owner. According to the decision of the governor responsible for the efficient use of natural resources of Krasnodar region will be apportioned between the line departments. The Department of TEKa will be responsible for oil and gas department of consumer services and market regulation of alcohol - for mineral water, construction department - for the inert materials, the Department of Industry and forest resources - for the forest. Before the newly appointed deputy head of the Krasnodar Territory Administration for Industry, Transport and Energy Alexander Gavrilov is the task of maintaining order in the use of hydrocarbons.

personnel reform continue within each department of industry. During the month, there will be competitions vacancies, similar to that held Governor Alexander Tkachev across regional administration. Post chiefs of departments and key professionals should take the people who will be able to help businesses Kubany flourish. The internal structure of departments change significantly. Alexander Remezkov believes that in every department of industry should be experts on investment and presentation of work, consulting, finance and stock market, bankruptcy, and a service tracking investment projects. Each department should organize and conduct at least one industry shows every year, each to be built ÇÒÁÍÏÔÎÕÀ investment policies in the industry, provide high-quality business plans, business and support investment projects of 10-15 from the first meeting with potential investors before the start of the company built them.

In addition, the task will soon take on the Russian stock market shares thirty Kuban enterprises.

According to Alexander Remezkova access to the stock market tenfold increase investment attractiveness of the province. Specialists of the regional administration should teach not only large enterprises but also for farmers and individual entrepreneurs to work directly with banks. For 2004, the task of doubling the number of companies that interact with their own banks and have their own credit history. No bankruptcy proceedings in the province should not take place without the participation of representatives of state power. Just doing all these tasks, it is possible to increase production and the growth of regional budget revenues, and thus raise the standard of living kubantsev. Economic policy administration of the province has already produced good results. In the first quarter of 2004, real incomes of the population Kubany grew by 11.8 percent and regional budget was executed at 119 percent of the level of last year. In the January-March at the edge of the consolidated budget was 7 billion 884 million - 22 per cent (as of 1 billion 425 thousand) than in the first quarter of 2003. But stop there in the administration of the province, no one is going. In order to meet the Governor to-maximum (increase budget revenues to 50 billion rubles), will have to use all the reserves. This is particularly true of the excise tax on alcohol, the income of the province in which serious problems, and the tax on personal income. Alexander Remezkov required to take strict action against those businessmen who export wine from the province, to send mobile teams to check on those enterprises which documents the salaries paid to employees below the subsistence minimum, as well as return to the region of the tax base of the vertically integrated companies that now pay taxes in the capital and other regions.

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