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Million in the basket.

Last year Nevinnomysske to support small businesses has been allocated nearly a million rubles ..

all the problems of small firms and enterprises, of course, is not decided.

Small business - a concept many believe very otvlechennym. In fact, without him we would not have lived a normal day. Take, for example, Nevinnomyssk. Of course, the city primarily known for its enterprise giants. Nevertheless, here are also 1100 small enterprises and individual entrepreneurs 4500.

these figures, as the local committee on economy and business, very conditional. Companies in fact born and die every day. Besides, В«smallВ» businessmen accustomed to wait podvoha from the authorities at all levels, to share information about their activities are not in a hurry. Remember the word some of the greats: В«If people are not deceived the state, it is not yet bornВ».

Problems with nevinnomysskogo small businesses are the same as those across the country. This administrative barriers and lack of protection against abuse of officials, and very high taxes, etc., etc., etc. ...

Besides businessmen themselves apart, each prefers to survive alone. While it operates in Nevinnomysske not the first year of a non-profit social organization of entrepreneurs, most of these entrepreneurs took a wait-and-see attitude: they say, you are there for our rights borites, and we see what will turn out.

В«We were beaten, and we krepchaemВ» - on this principle are now entrepreneurs. Imperfect legislation and supervision of officials of all ranks (as some reviewers Today tens: here you and municipal inspection, and fire, and the tax inspectorate and the police, and sanepidemstantsiya and energonadzor, etc., etc.) - all of this perceived as a necessary evil. But lack of funds for the development of production - a problem that is not so easy oboydesh.

In Nevinke least partially solve the issue of financial starvation tried by subsidizing small businesses. The scheme is provided to last year В«Program of small business development in the city Nevinnomysske for 2002-2005В». It is quite simple. It's no secret that the interest on bank loans are very high.

But if the businessman will present its business plan to the special commission, and proves that provides a real expansion of production, increase tax revenues, job creation, it can expect to pay off three-quarters per cent in the receipt from the bank loan.

What is this city? He received the money must go back to the local budget in the form of additional taxes in a period of five months to three years.

Everyone knows that today the majority of small enterprises engaged in reselling the goods. Because Commission subsidy (as part of its public representatives of business organizations, tax, City Council and city administration) is trying to give preference to projects involving the development of real production. Last year, subsidies were allocated about 838 thousand rubles. At that went the money? For example, the expansion of production of cereals, soft drinks, plastic windows, the expansion of production printing, as well as opening new offices and equipment for the two stores. Only these six projects will create 61 jobs. A little bit, of course, but we should note that new jobs in small manufacturing and provide employment in related sectors: transport, the services sector.

And yet it is allowed to engage in the city's economy in general, 5 million 470 thousand rubles. The money it goes to the repayment rate of loans and grants for each ruble accounts for about five rubles, made by the businessman in the bank. And here, as they say, there are problems. The same banks prefer to give loans already established businesses. В«RaskrutitsyaВ» with small amounts is virtually impossible. Although, В«not expecting milostey natureВ», then bish from the same bank, manage entrepreneurial nevinnomystsy make it almost from scratch.

For example, a couple of years ago to go to Nevinke from one end of town to another, it was almost impossible. Today, huge streamers, advertisements in newspapers, on radio and TV call on the services of a taxi. These firms are not a lot of it: cars, drivers and dispatchers. Appeared in the city, and many Internet cafes. Here, too, did mostly without credit. And if the first computer clubs were a dark basement, now almost universally able to bring order. And now the protection and decent facilities. Now many want to engage in the processing of plastic bottles. To make one, grit, and then again a bottle or, for example, the slate.

But it was the intention of helping those who do not have the means, and has a really promising idea in Nevinnomysske there.

plans - the organization through a microcredit fund support to small businesses (this fund, however, remains to be established).

beginner businessman delivers pledge apartment or car and receive credit at reasonable interest rates in the short term. Of course, this money will go mainly to the same trade, resell, means it should return quickly. It is, however, that making money on the same trade, the entrepreneur would invest them in the organization of production. Start with the same thing we have to.

You can also arrange the purchase of equipment leasing.

Options for investment tax credits. In short, their scheme is as follows: for a time the company is exempted from taxes in the city budget.

The money goes to the development of production, and then (for example, in one year) the amount of unpaid taxes with little interest back to the budget. So far, all these plans hinders the shortage of funds. In the city budget with napryazhenka (deductions from the core production dropped sharply). But the businessmen themselves to accumulate money in spetsfond are unlikely to because of disunity.

Today, small business in Nevinnomysske for about twelve percent of the total number of jobs - said the chief specialist of the Committee on Economy and Business Administration Nevinnomysska Victor Kushch. - The percentage of tax revenue - about nine per cent. And in Russia around the same figure. For comparison - in the global economy, the proportion of small businesses - 60 percent. Development of a small economy - not an end in itself. See if lihoradit towns Nevinnomysska, a slight panic: what will happen to the budget, which provide jobs for laid-off. And developed a small business would feel more confident. It may also thousands of small firms working steadily together cease to exist.

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