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For Sochi defender was protecting a member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation.

Development of affairs Leonid Teleleyko - Kuban defender, head of the Sochi branch of Yabloko.

Chairman of the Moscow Helsinki Group, a member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation Lyudmila Alekseeva sent a letter to the Prosecutor General of Russia Vladimir Ustinovu at the initiation of criminal proceedings against a well-known human rights defender Kuban, the head of the Sochi branch of Yabloko, a candidate for deputies of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region and the State Duma of Russian Federation Leonid Teleleyko. According to news agency REGNUM in the regional center etnopolitologicheskih research, a criminal case under Article 129 part 2 (defamation in the media), was instituted Lazarevsky District Attorney Sochi, on the application of the former deputy chairman of the District Court Lazarevsky N. Trukhan.

As deputies of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar region of Sochi, Leonid Teleleyko Trukhan refused to agree on the candidacy for the post of judge of a life term, justifying this by saying that Trukhan, in his opinion, not worthy to hold this position.

In a letter addressed to Moscow's human rights defender Vladimir Ustinov also indicated. In the criminal case was initiated by 19 June 2003, but the investigator notified Teleleyko about this over the phone only on 13 August, calling in for questioning as a suspect the next day. August 14, against Teleleyko was elected preventive measure in the form of subscriptions to house arrest.

"Earlier, from January to March 2003, - writes L. Alekseeva - the same prosecutor's office carried out checks on the application Trukhan to institute criminal proceedings against Teleleyko on the same grounds, but on the results of verification if the applicant has been denied. Given that Lazarevskoy the district prosecutor, prosecutor of a criminal case, the head of the office is the wife of the complainant, the prosecutor referred the case to Sochi Tuapse mezhrayonnuyu prosecutor.

Chairman of the Moscow Helsinki Group notes that Teleleyko never been involved in administrative or criminal liability, did not commit illegal acts, and was twice elected a deputy to the regional parliament.

He has repeatedly criticized the administration of Krasnodar region, including in the central mass media. As a result of these publications, the Attorney General's Office filed criminal charges against some of the heads of administration of Krasnodar region and to take measures to bring the prosecution to respond in line with federal legislation, regulations and administration of the Legislative Assembly of the province.

"I ask you to check the forces of the Prosecutor General's Office the legality and validity of the initiation of criminal proceedings against Teleleyko lF" - referred to in the letter Ludmila Alexeeva Prosecutor General.

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