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Apartment buy-sell - not to move slides.

This rush is not needed. Especially in the processing of documents, whom heap ..

Many in order to avoid exhausting bustle, trust is very important rieltorskim firms. But for them, as they say, the eye so the eye needs. Otherwise ...

Tatiana Pavlovna agreed to sell two-room apartment to buy a larger home area. Herself and found a suitable alternative. Registration of all relying documents, including the registration of ownership is now at the three-room apartment, she entrusted a certain real estate, we'll call it "X". All transactions for the sale of housing stakeholders went through this company.

Tatiana Pavlovna agency paid for services 10 thousand rubles, and got his hands on ... a receipt, without any of the seals and stamps. In the text, concise information about how to obtain the amount of paperwork a person whose name and signature appear below (like a neighbor or friend, koi are private individuals). "This is a document? - Vozmutilas Tatyana Pavlovna. - Give that, as expected." From the agency staff had been assured: they say, of course, necessarily, the contract amount. But later, when the customer will pay seller three-room apartment. It is a joyful event will take place directly in the agency.

And now passed 850 thousand rubles. Tatiana Pavlovna and the seller sign a preliminary contract of sale. But what about the other, promised? A staff member of the agency said something nevrazumitelnoe: they say, they thought that this treaty is not needed, just a (?) Transaction. It remains for the small - the right to obtain an apartment.

Tatiana Pavlovna and the seller to sign a package of documents in the Registration Chamber in the presence of the agency. Last obladatelnitsu congratulated the lucky three-room apartment ...

Passes week. And suddenly - a call from the agency: it turns out the most is the main document, the sales contract, which is duplicated in five copies, or Tatiana Pavlovna, nor the seller was not signed. That said, it came.

Tatiana Pavlovna - to the agency. Why, they say, Your not the correctness of documentation in the Registration Chamber and, in general, for which the agency paid ten thousand? But most importantly, where to find the seller, who unsubscribe from an apartment and where it went, with some money! In addition, without proper registration of the contract "hung" and the ownership of the apartment.

Your "Deadline" by staff at the Registration Chamber - saying he nedosmotrel. Tatiana Pavlovna offered to sign the treaty, after which it will make the seller, who promised to find.

"Make a first contract for the provision of services to the agency!" - Demanded the woman. Arranged, "reverse" number, in one instance (and you need - two). Yes even with errors. Of the contract should have a woman to buy housing in two rooms instead of three. Tatiana Pavlovna refused to initial a document that, even a unilateral responsibility - only a client. And that ten percent of the cost of flats in the event of breach of contract.

This single instance of a woman claimed the home. Now carefully examine the text. Subtracted agency that is responsible to the client according to the standards established by the Law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumer Rights." Here it is, saving straw!

Tatiana Pavlovna decided to ask for advice as to be more in the Center of Consumer Protection. Was set to terminate the contract with the company. Specialists warned a woman from hasty steps calmed down: the seller is not to get them money. Convinced that the sales contract must be signed.

Meanwhile, the agency has found traces of the seller. Tatiana Pavlovna was forced to make additional cost - to pay his expenses on the road in the amount of 850 rubles. But those sacrifices have paid off.

Specialists of the Center of Consumer Protection, contact the agency, very meticulously asked why the law violates the realtor. It signed a contract for services firms with reciprocal obligations of the parties. Do not issued financial documents confirming the receipt of money for services - credit and cash order or cashier's check. Actually, what is the calculation of the sum of service? Finally, threatened: report on these violations to the appropriate authorities. We proposed and acceptable way out of this situation with the reimbursement of the amount received from the customer service.

Agency had made concessions. Tatiana Pavlovna received compensation. But we hope that readers have concluded from this very instructive stories.

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