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This discovery last month became the African Dzhafet title.

It passes along the left flank brought a lot of trouble Defense rivals В«RostovaВ».


- Your arrival in 2003 in Rostov aroused keen interest. People said that you are one of the most promising legionnaires in the history of the championship of Russia, you have heard about this?

- None. The point is that I can not judge their capabilities. Personally for me, coming to Russia was another step in her career. I am happy to be playing for the В«RostovВ».

- What is the difference between the championship of Russia of the championship of South Africa?

- probably level. Championship of Russia is much higher. That's why the play is interesting.

- What has changed here in three years?

- I think now more aggressive fight. In the prime league is now completely different money, and most other players, so play was difficult.

- In the 2003-2004 year, you had just the epidemic of injuries. What is connected? Suevernye people might say that you sglazili.

- I'm too superstitious people. Of course, I was not excited by the fact that had to recover from new injuries, but the intrigues of the devil they do not believe. Sometimes that happens in football. Maybe I just did not lucky.

- you are often invited to play for the national team in South Africa that you mean these games?

- You're right that I was raised in the В«-Bafana BafanaВ» fairly often, but, unfortunately, because of these injuries, I played far from each time. For me, every match for our team very seriously. In South Africa, lived 75 million, and represent each of them a great honor for me.

- For your age, and 33 years for a football player, agree, are not low - you are typing in the game simply amazing speed. What it depends?

- Perhaps this individual organism. Still, I am a professional, but to them is, you need to know how to do better than others. I try to practice more to improve their game.

BALAHNIN reassure

- To the opponents of this season, it was difficult to resist all?

- hard to say. I try not to deal with players other teams as opponents. All we are playing in a tournament and do one thing. The game usually does not pay attention to the fact it is you who stopped in the penalty area, and who managed to deflect the ball with you.

- What do you think we managed to work with the new forvardami Michael Ashvetiya and Maxim Buznikin?

- What they have in the team, gave the result. They are trying to adjusted to the players В«RostovaВ». They have scored a few goals, which means we start sygryvatsya.

- By the way, you know that recently Buznikin scored his fiftieth goal in the championship of Russia?

- Sure. We were happy for the Maxima and congratulated him on this. But the team events in this regard was not (laughs).

- How do you assess the work of judges in this season?

- They notice only what they want to see. Often blamed on one side. For example, take the last game with В«RubinВ», when the goal Buznikin canceled due ofsayda. After the match we watched repeat: not what В«offsideВ» speech and could not be! It was clear goal, and I can not understand why it will not count. I understand that a judge may also make mistakes, but sometimes they mistake could cost the team a defeat.

- By the way, in a match with Kazan В«RubinВ» account was in the game?

- We had many opportunities to score a goal, but we do not use them. В«RubinВ» create polumoment and vyzhal it up. In Hole passed blame for the whole team. I can not remember a match where we were not lucky anymore.

- It is, no secret that in recent times, you greatly added to gaming condition. What is connected?

- Everything depends on the people around you. The coach and other players help to believe in themselves, but for a football player, self-confidence - the most important thing.

- How did the next coming of Sergei Balahnina?

- Very glad, and ... perhaps, calm down. Somehow, after Balahnin became the head coach, was confident that all will necessarily be good.


- How hard the man with the African mentality to adjust to life in Russia?

- I'm pretty easy to adapt. The difference between the two countries, of course, there are, but not so large as to cause irritation. Although, when you go to the street and see the girl, in which almost nothing has dressed this does is shocking. We are not accepted.

- Do you Privykli to Don kitchen?

- I am very priveredliv food. The first time I was not able to eat normally in Rostov - to get used to the local cuisine is very simple. Then became easier. I like Don fish, too, but not all.

- how to promote the study of Russian language?

- When I just arrived in Rostov, the biggest challenge for me was, of course, socializing. Now I understand a lot, and very few can say that in Russian. For example, to explain to the taxi driver or buy something at the store. But freedom has not yet been able to communicate.

- What places in our city do you like?

- great gardens. This is one of the most beautiful streets of the city where you can find everything you need for life: shops, cafes and cinemas. By the way, I love movies and was pleased to see him in a movie theater, which is also called the В«RostovВ».


- What do you think, В«RostovВ» wins the match with Perm В«AmkaromВ»?

- With all due respect to this team, we must win.

- Are you not afraid that permyaks of his usual simply shut down in the defense and try to bring the match to a draw?

- How to close or open (laughs). After all, this is the essence of the game.

- Why do you call a team В«FerrariВ»?

- So I called back in South Africa. In fact, no one explained to me from where did this nickname, I think, because I am very fast running.

- How would you rate the chances of the team to conserve space in prime-league?

- I'm sure that will stay. We have home matches with В«AmkaromВ», В«floorВ», В«TomyuВ»: the teams that are fairly close to us in the standings. If we obygraem them - is half done. The main trust. If people in Rostov will come to the stadium and root for the command, we would succeed.

Alena Mironova

"Sovietsky Sport in Rostov"

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