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Factories move to the outskirts.

Enterprises become uncomfortable in the center of Rostov-on-Don.

already moved in the industrial engineering plant number 5, "FarmaDon" and "bow". Prepares to leave the city center cigarette production company Don tobacco. " Officials hope that will soon be free of prompredpriyaty and street Sivers.

From the point sooner or later will have to travel to many industries. In 2001, the program was to bring the plants outside the city limits, the duration of its implementation - 10 years, said Director of the Department of Economic Development of Rostov-on-Don Alexander Tolkachev. At the heart of the city is more than 30 industries, which occupy 40 hectares of valuable in terms of urban areas. The first show on the outskirts of the city to be those plants, emissions that exceed health standards for residential areas, explained in the city.

The new production complex, located in the industrial left bank, is preparing to move the company "Don tobacco".

of the "Vedomosti" explained Irina Vasilyeva, project manager of the "Agrokom, administering the tobacco company. According to her, the construction of cigarette manufacturing and the relocation of the factory would cost $ 30 million

Moving companies will begin in June and will be carried out gradually, without stopping production, Vasilyev said. Fully start cigarette production at its new location is planned at the end of the year. The factory can produce up to 60 billion cigarettes a year, said Vasilyeva. How will they use the old premises of "Don tobacco", located in the heart of the city is not fully decided. According to the director of real estate companies' Title Eugene Sosnitskogo freed territory "Don tobacco" in the street. Krasnoarmeyskaya very promising for the construction of commercial and business center.

Unlike "Don Tobacco financier moving through the bond issue of 1 billion rubles. other plants left from the center by the developers who are attracted to the earth.

Concern Pokrovskii "funded by moving mechanical plant number 5, located on the street. Zhuravlyova.

Now it is being built residential complex Rostov City. " According to the director of the group Andrew Korovayko, the transfer of the plant, including its purchase and renovate a new site, was worth "Pokrovskomu" more than 7 million rubles. and took about six months. Now Mechanical Plant number 5 is located in the industrial, on land leased from the "Elektroapparat" said Korovayko.

With the financial participation of the "Unity Street. Zakrutkina derived pharmaceutical production "FarmaDon" Street. Lermontovskaya - cannery 'union, told the deputy director of marketing concern Olga Zarubina. How much does it cost two transport companies, it said. Both sites are used for the construction of residential complexes "Parkovy quarter" and "bow". "FarmaDon now located in the industrial Pervomaisky district of Rostov, a canning factory put out of the city in art. Olginskaya (Aksaysky district). However, the "bow" and "FarmaDon" has not yet been able to work. For example, the cannery does not have the money for the installation of equipment and "hard to predict when the company goes again," said Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Rostov region Alexei Lysochenko.

Among the most promising candidates for resettlement Tolkachyov from the Department of Economic Development called Rostov Engineering Company for the production of lubricants (RIKOS), "Rostovbumagu" and "Spectrum", located on the street. Sivers. At this point in 2006, is scheduled to begin construction of a new bridge over the River Don, and in the construction area will be affected by these enterprises. In the paper the city administration says that in the future, the area around the street. Sivers "will turn into a wide center of business activity."

Construction of the new enclosures for "Rostovbumagi" (included in agrosoyuz South Russia) is well under way, the director of future development and management of real estate "of the South of Russia" Natalia Dotsenko. In zarechnoy built kartonazhnoe industrial production.

prepared to leave the factory and oboynaya Spektr.

But this is "a long and hlopotnoe case," said its director Sergei Gavrilov. It assesses the cost of moving at least $ 3 million for implementation of such a project would take about three years, and the factory will need to attract external funding, said the head of the Spektr.

RIKOS, a controlling stake by the State, also addressed to succeed. Technical director Alex Shlyakhov refused to comment. A Tolkachev said that RIKOS move to industrial, probably before the end of next year. "RIKOS located at the site of 2.4 hectares. According to calculations made by another in 2000 for his transfer in the industrial zone required 81 million rubles.

A Kinoavtomatika "Pushkin is not going to leave without government support, said on condition of anonymity officer of the company.

afford to move can only be competitive and stable business, summarizes Oxana Khomich of Rostov universal marketing agency BiznesAnalitik. Rostov Most factories do not have the resources such as "Don tobacco". Will be able to move and those enterprises interested in the land where construction workers, adding the commercial director of the Center for Capital Anton Ivanov. According to him, so did the South of Russia, which already has projects on the construction of commercial real estate on the ground "Rostovbumagi.

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