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Hunger strikers in the Crimean to provoke ethnic pogrom.

Today, June 30, may be a clash of police and more than three dozen businesses.

- hunger strikers on the market in g.Krymske Krasnodar Territory - IA REGNUM reported in the press center of the ELN "Novorossiysk Human Rights Committee."

26 June 2003, brought to despair entrepreneurs Crimean city, in the Central Market raypo have begun an indefinite hunger strike. The conflict arose in August 2002 between the administration of the Central Market raypo Crimean city, as represented by the Chairman of the Crimean raypo B. Ovsiannikov, Crimean city administration, as represented by the head of administration Rybina, the new owner of the private market in the city Krymske Pallada Victor Andryushenko and entrepreneurs arenduyuschimi commercial space in the central market raypo, trading in manufactured goods.

reason for this extreme step, people began refusing to conclude contracts for the rental of commercial space on the market from 1 July 2003 under the pretext of the beginning of the complete reconstruction of the market and further changes to the trade only specialized in food products.

As a result, people lose their trading opportunities and the only opportunity to earn a living.

problem and its solutions to affect the interests of more than four hundred businessmen. Representatives of management of markets and the municipal authorities have failed to agree with employers to find ways out of the conflict, taking into account their interests, what drove people to go to extremes.

generally shares their view of the problems arose after the construction of a new private market Pallada. The owner of the market Victor Andryushenko in collusion with officials of the administration immediately began to have serious pressure on the administration of the Central Market raypo, and in the business, forcing them to leave their seats and lease commercial space in the market Pallada. In the course of going all the excuses, including a reference to the fact that in the event of a disaster is in the central market area underflooding, then changing assortment of goods permitted for sale, and when it did not help, then decided to close the market for the full reconstruction, followed by a change in specialization market.

Why entrepreneurs do not want to go to the market Pallada? In their view, there is not created better conditions for trade. First, expensive shopping place - 1500 rubles a month as a minimum, plus $ 500 deposit, do not force everyone to pay for such services. The only place where you can wash your hands - it is a toilet, worth 5 rubles. A very narrow space between the lines and everything in plastic, if the fire - it does not approach the car.

15 June 2003 administration of the Central Market raypo attempted to demolish part of the market, just where the concerns of their business. Prignany were few tractors and working with lomikami and the dog, and about forty policemen. On that day, managed to defend their jobs and to prevent their destruction. Then people began to sleep in the market, fearing a new provocation.

June 16, they approached the representatives of the Cossacks, and offered to make a deal. It was intended to help entrepreneurs kazakam removed from the market Meskhetian Turks and Cossacks posodeystvuyut to be left in place.

People have not agreed to such a proposal, moreover, that the number of hungry people a lot of representatives of national minorities.

During the hunger strike, businesses were faced with discrimination. They were denied the right to medical care. When on the third day of action Galina Kovaleva became ill with heart, and she began to lose consciousness, the call for an ambulance. After Galina taken to foster peace Crimean central hospital on a stretcher duty doctor Alexander Yuhtag to learn that it is participating in the hunger strike, refused to be hospitalized, in spite of its difficult situation, and demanded that the relatives immediately picked Galina.

During a call from the reception to her several times in front of the doctor became ill and she lost consciousness. Looking at it, the doctor said: "Do not start a circus here! You are our forces to solve their problems!" So do not wait for assistance at the hands of Galina brought home.

Before the start of the action participants called for help and support to the head of the Red Cross Crimean city, but were told that the situation is not in their jurisdiction, and request more to them not to go

30 June deadline leases from entrepreneurs. It became known that the leadership of the Central Market raypo did not find other ways to solve the problem, but to call on that day (there is a written request from the chief police department in Krymskaya Anatolia Shumitskomu) reinforced patrol police to force to compel people to leave the market.

Novorossiysk Human Rights Committee is concerned about the situation, which could escalate into widespread violence by police officers involved in the action of the entrepreneurs.

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