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Mayor of Sochi was advised to change imidzhmeykera. Review Kubanskaya press 23-29 June 2003.

Outlets in the Kuban schools have become the main theme of the week for urban and regional media.

Last Wednesday at the premises of the Krasnodar Theater Drama Day held graduates, which in a solemn atmosphere of the city was awarded the first individual gold medal of the graduates of 2003. This writes the weekly "Krasnodar" in the material "Gold Elite Krasnodar.

58 thousand graduates Kubani received a document that opens their way into adulthood - matriculation.

3856 people graduated from school with medals - led Statistics Kubanskie News "in" Good Morning adult day. " And the same statistics are limited, devoting an entire column congratulating young head of administration of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev and Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Territory Vladimir Beketov. Krasnodar News "followed by" news Kubanskimi "dedicated honor medal winners and graduates of the first band to editor" A medal - a reward for talent "with the award ceremony in the theater drama. And fully prochuvstvovannuyu it quoted the head of administration of the city Nikolai Prize that in 10-15 years, the "golden youth to reach the highest peaks in the profession. This year's adult life shagnut more than seven and a half thousand young krasnodartsev - summed up the newspaper story.

"looming over tram sword of Damocles disqualified new tariff" - reported in the Friday issue of Krasnodar news. " At a regular meeting of the City Duma of Krasnodar decided to raise from July 1, the cost of travel in the electric and 4 rubles. Mayor Nicholas Prize explained that power more than 70% have raised fees for electricity, and Tram-trolleybus company can simply bust. Some deputies proposed to increase the rate immediately and up to 5 rubles, that in the future, not to return to this issue. However, increased only in the ruble, not to cause protests and demonstrations of the citizens.

"tragic water" - is a story titled "Kubanskie news" and added that since the beginning of the year in the waters of the Krasnodar Territory have drowned 93 people.

June 24 in an area Adlerovskom tragedy - during the summer holidays killed an entire family of Izhevsk. Vacationers have decided to swim at the beach around the wild places in the sea outfall stream Mzymty, stormy night after a downpour. All four people - a mother, father and two children - caught in a whirlpool. Rescuers were able to pumping of only one boy. The remaining family members zahlebnulis before they dragged from the water.

Mayor of Sochi will replace the image? - Asked "Moskovsky Komsomolets in Kuban.

Only last month, the mayor of Sochi than once became nyusmeykerom Russian news scale, not for a very enjoyable occasions. Therefore, Leonid Mostovomu advised to change imidzhmeykera. In the immediate vicinity of Leonid Arkadievich this figure has already emerged. According to people close to Leonid Mostovoy, a new image Sochi chapter is "not promoskovski and prokubanski.

Krasnodarka Lisa Fatkulina frustrated shooting Philip Kirkorov. Oleg Gusev Klipmeyker singer postponed the shooting to work with Kubanskaya singer. Singer noticed on kubanskom competition "Stairway to Heaven" in which Lisa became diplomantkoy. At first, when they heard a request to work with the girl, Goussev refused, but after hearing the recording Kubanskaya singer, producer Kirkorov deferred work with Philip and Masha Rasputin over China rose. By the autumn clip Lisa Fatkulinoy will be launched on the central TV channels, but now she is working on songs Ukupnik, said the newspaper "KP-Kuban.

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