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How much is a holiday on the Black Sea ".

Summer has come. Important question of where and how much it costs to have a rest on the Black Sea. Rest is cheaper now.

In paradise place in the village of Dyurso single beds in a private hotel costs 80 rubles. In high season the price will rise to 200 rubles. Comfortable rest in dry cracks in the boarding house "Sailor" in evronomere with air conditioning and 4 meals rated at 550 rubles a day, in a room in a wooden cottage 350-400 rubles per person.

In the tract homes in the broad beam of about the same price, in private hotels - cheaper. In the "Living Water" is the number for 150 rubles, while suites can be rented for 500 rubles.

Gelendzhik entire napryagsya in anticipation of the opening of the resort season.

Last weekend, for which the city was festive, the prices of private hotels have the same high as in the height of summer: prostenkoy bed in a private hotel - 150 rubles, a class above - 450 rubles, evronomer ( double) 40-60 dollars, Suite 80-100 dollars a day.

wishing to rest on simply the cheapest room in the boarding house (with food) will cost 600 rubles per day in July, the same will cost 700 rubles, said "HP" gelendzhikskogo director of the Bureau for the implementation of vouchers Ludmila Antsiferova. Category number increases, double -770 rubles per night, single suite otdyhayuschemu will cost 1100 rubles per day, semi - in 1000.

correct health spas Gelengik this year even more expensive: 1100 rubles worth living in a single room with food and medical treatment.

In anapskih boarding the same price as a one-room apartment can be rented for 300 rubles per day.

In June, even Sochi is not as ruinous as in the middle of the season.

if the city-resort, go directly to the railway station. It was there klubyatsya entrepreneurs, delivers housing for rent. One room can be rented for 600 rubles a day, two-room house would cost 750-800 rubles if no repairs, with Å×ÒÏÒÅÍÏÎÔÏÍ - from $ 70 and above. One of the elite hotel - 135 dollars stay in the sanatorium for the treatment of 800 to 2000 rubles.

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