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It has been enlarged meeting of OAO "Kubanenergo".


27 March meeting of the Board Kubanskaya "daughters" RAO UES of Russia, except the directors of eighteen branches "Kubanenergo", were invited to ZSK VA Beketov, deputy head of administration of the Krasnodar Territory A. Sidorenko, direction provincial Department of Fuel and Energy Complex, a regional energy commission, the Cabinet of Ministers and the State Council (HASE), the Republic of South Dakota, Representative of RAO UES of Russia, "Yuzhenergo.

We are open in terms of providing information company, - underlined the director general of "Kubanenergo" VE Spiridonov. - In addition, it is time to discuss the energy problem all together. The outcome of last year were not encouraging - natural disasters, the increasing theft of facilities have caused enormous damage to the edge of the grid. Net profit of the company amounted to only 22 million rubles, and profitability - only 3.8%.

Naturally, when this talk about the profitability of normal income (and hence on vkladyvanii money in stroitedstvo new substations in the repair and replacement of obsolete equipment), the main regional energy companies, it would be ridiculous.

Nevertheless "Kubanenergo continues to implement programs on the power supply of Sochi, Novorossiysk and Tuapse areas, realizing the importance of these projects to the province.

now begun to replace statera in the fourth block of Krasnodar CHP - the main energotsentrali edge, energy supply the lion's share of the Kuban consumers.

I present at the meeting did not lead to an enlarged clear that "Kubanenergo" makes a significant contribution to the development of economy and industry Kubany, which means that the executive and legislative branches must listen to the edge of energy.

- Our task - to keep power of Krasnodar region, and at the same time, control the cost of fares and services, which provides "Kubanenergo. They must be absolutely objective and acceptable to the people and for the industry. In turn, consumers are required to make current payments on time for the electric power - expressed their views chairman ZSK B. Beketov.

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