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A meeting of shareholders of ZAO Agrofirma Abrau-Dyurso.

In the last shareholders' meeting was held on Sunday ZAO Agrofirma Abrau-Dyurso.

among workers - the real shareholders agricultural firm - looked very strong figures in the face of bailiffs.

by a court ruling that the company should have been eliminated two years ago, but the decision has not been implemented so far. Therefore, the senior bailiff of Primorsky District of Novorossiysk Chadrantsev George commented on their presence is necessary to inform shareholders of the court decision on the Elimination of ZAO Agrofirma Abrau-Dyurso.

But the Court's decision has long been known to shareholders and put them into question. After all, nobody repealed the law on privatization, no one is deprived of the right of shareholders. As explained by the representative of the Moscow Bar Association "The presumption of law" Peter Oprya, the decision to eliminate more than demonstrates the elimination of the so shareholders are entitled to hold a general assembly to choose the council and the disadvantaged to fight for their rights.

And whatever kind of pressure may have on the parties to an unprecedented collection of all legal procedures were followed.

the required number of quorum general meeting was opened and passed on throughout the procedure.

As an employee CJSC Abrau-Dyurso Nikolay Kalashnikov, this collection - the only chance to return the assets to shareholders, acquired a serious and long work on the vineyards and the plant, and thereby restore justice.

Almost all speakers referred to the perpetrators of the incident - the boundary of the law the rights of shareholders, torn on a single set of discredited and thus unique products Abrau-Dyurso. In fact, the boundary structure, wishing to subdue the company brought him to a standstill.

general meeting of shareholders was held.

Chairman of the Board of Directors elected Dmitry Otryaskin and general manager, as expected, Sergei Izmailov. For shareholders this is a new starting point. It is a huge job to restore their rights. Its first phase will be a struggle for the abolition of the court decision on the liquidation of the company.

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