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Suspended metallurgical factory Novorosmetall.

Work Metallurgical Plant JSC Novorosmetall "suspended until the violations of environmental regulations.

reason was the requirement chairman of the Black Sea regional committee of the Environment and Natural Resources.

If plant poisons residential area in fact, the question arises: how he is able to be open? Has an environmental assessment?

According to the chairman of the Black Sea regional committee of the Environment and Natural Resources Ilya Populidi, the committee examined the proceedings and gave its consent to the opening, but subject to a number of requirements. In particular, there is an obligation to pave the branch of the pipeline (the project cost 18 million rubles), signed by the director of the plant Shalvoy Gibradze to switch production to the use of cleaner gas fuels. But this is not done. And during loading of scrap metal in the furnace comes zalpovy release of suspended solids through framugi in the roof of dust flies out.

complaint residents Tsemdoliny considered at a meeting of the Standing Committee on Land Policy and the Environment (Chairman Neil Klochko). The deputies decided to apply to the City and the Black Sea area committee for the protection of the environment and natural resources - in the boundary control, the suspension of commissioning works for JSC Novorosmetall "to identify all the circumstances of the case.

As director general of the plant Shalva Gibradze, he did not understand where the plant around the cheese selection.

No checks at the factory, he has not seen, believes that the neighbor FUMING boiler harm much more than their current production with Japanese filters, which feeds 830 people today.

Incidentally, it is worth recalling that at one time a project to establish electric production of cast billets with investments 7,4 million dollars, is realized with the participation of foreign capital, was granted the status of "approved by the administration of the province and the preferential tax treatment.

It says the chief engineer "Novorosmetalla" Valery Strebkov, start-up operations are continuing today and by the end of autumn this year, is scheduled to conclude. The plant will produce 120 thousand tons of continuous cast billets. Such production only in the province, it is equipped with staleplavilnymi arc furnaces and works on electricity. Particularly harmful is the production, he did not believe. In several cities in Russia, such as Stary Oskol, such plants are in the city limits.

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