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В«Previously wrote the music for the people, and now for the show-businessВ».
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In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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Vladyka Feofan.

Biography of Bishop of Stavropol and Vladikavkaz.

Bishop of Stavropol and Vladikavkazsky Feofan (in the world - Ivan Andreevich Ashurkov) born on May 21, 1947 in the Kursk region of Dmitrov in the working family. After high school served in the Soviet Army. In 1969 - 1970 years bore obedience from Bishop of Smolensk and Vyazemsky Gideon (Dokukina) administering the Stavropol and Vladikavkazskoy diocese in Sana'a Metropolitan from 1990 to 2003.

In 1970 he received a second class of the Moscow Theological Seminary, graduated in 1972 and was enrolled in the Moscow Theological Academy. In 1973, he was adopted by novice in the brotherhood of the Holy Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

December 19, 1973 governors Trinity-Sergius Lavra archimandrite Ieronimom (Zinovieva) was in the monkhood postrizhen Feofan named in honor of Saint Theophanes the Confessor.

14 January 1974, Archbishop Sergius (Golubtsova) ordained ierodiakon. In 1976, the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Metropolitan Tulskim Belevskim Yuvenaliem in the cathedral city of Tula ordained Hieromonk.

In 1976 he graduated from the Moscow Theological Academy with a degree of candidate of theology, assigned to the master's work "Dogmaticheskoe teachings of Basil the Great," and was enrolled in graduate school at the Moscow Theological Academy. In 1977, the definition of Holy Synod sent to the Russian spiritual mission in Jerusalem, where obedience to be held in 1982. From 1982 to 1984, stayed in the brotherhood of the Holy Trinity-Sergius Lavra. From 1984 to 1987 bore obedience Secretary Exarchate Central and South America. From 1987 to 1989 bore the obedience of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate. From 1989 to 1993 - Exarch Patriarch of Moscow, with Patriarhe Alexandria and all Africa. From 1993 to 1999 - Vice-Chairman of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate. In 1999, the appointed representative of the Patriarch of Moscow, with Patriarhe Antiohiyskom and the entire East.

In 1979, the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, was elevated to the rank of hegumen with the assumption of the Cross with ornaments.

In 1985, a week of all the saints in the land of the Russian prosiyavshih, elevated to the rank of Archimandrite.

In 1985, awarded the Order of St. Sergius III Radonezh degree in 1995 - the Order of St. Prince Daniel of Moscow ÂÌÁÇÏ×ÅÒÎÏÇÏ II degree. The award of Alexandria, Antiochia, Jerusalem Local Orthodox Churches. There is also a state awards: the Order of Friendship of Peoples, Medal Order of Merit, "Thanks to the President of the Russian Federation and others.

During the armed confrontation between two branches of government in 1993 in Moscow is actively involved in the negotiations the parties to the conflict.

repeatedly personally conducted the negotiations in the besieged "the White House with Vice President of the Russian Federation AV Rutskim, chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, RI Khasbulatov and other parties to the conflict.

26 November 2000, the day on which St. John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, in the Epiphany Cathedral in Moscow for the Divine Liturgy was performed hirotoniya archimandrite Theophanes (Ashurkova) in bishop Magadan and Sinegorskogo. Hirotoniyu carried Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy and ÍÉÔÒÏÐÏÌÉÔÙ Krutitskii and Kolomna Yuvenaly, Smolensk and Kaliningrad Kirill, Solnechnogorsk Sergius, Archbishop of Rostov and Novocherkassk Panteleimon, Tver and Kashinskij Victor, Bronnitsky Tikhon, Bishop of Orekhovo-Zuevsky Alex, Krasnogorsky Savva.

before the outbreak of war in Iraq, the Bishop of Magadan and Sinegorsky Feofan headed a delegation of Russian Orthodox Church, sent special flight to Iraq on a peacemaking mission to the Russian delegation, which was also a Muslim.

definition Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on 7 May 2003, the Bishop of Magadan and Sinegorskomu Feofanov be determined by the Bishop of Stavropol and Vladikavkazskim.

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