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BBC film about Beslan - worse than child pornography.

Review of the film 'Children of Beslan' (BBC) and the transfer of a series of 'Do not provoke me! " Where Rosie Boykott examines the phenomenon of 'false grief'.

saw as a little boy on TV unemotional tone of a professional tour guide announces: 'And here they killed my father', I could no longer restrain the fury. Yes they posmeli! As posmeli these zazhravshiesya, brazen televizionschiki Air Force from sytoy smugly Britain to exploit the tragedy because the survivors of child hostages in Beslan!

It was disgusting, as if these masters of 'pornography on grief' children were asked to undress in front of the camera and take candid poses. No, filmed as the unfortunate kids again going through a terrible tragedy - perhaps even worse!

than, say at the mercy of, is different from child pornography, in its pure form?

Children of Beslan used to poschekotat viewers nerves: someone else's grief was to play the role of emotional incentive.

I'm sure the TV bosses have been terribly pleased with themselves when dodumalis to this! I see this as dreams: now they sit around the table 'letuchke', and suddenly some 'genius' says:' Listen, soon anniversary of the Beslan events, let's send it to talk to a group of children who managed to survive! Already this is exactly vyzhmet of spectators tear '.

These Nahal went to North Ossetia, razyskali needed family (more precisely, the remnants of destroyed families), and convinced them to allow children to take part in the 'excellent, touching lightly on a documentary film September tragedy '. To convince them that children simply must return to the ruins of School # 1 - and the ruins of its own memory - because the Air Force wants to make the material 'for history'.

money was never paid - God forbid, but I am confident that these poor people still was some pressure to force them to raise children 'by sight'. It is because there are pornography, 'persuading' people to accept their proposals, is it not? Even though the all clear: it is clearly contrary to the true interests of the family.

Of course, as promised televizionschiki movie perfect taste.

Who would have doubted! All of the attributes of a first-class handling emotions were there. Brilliantly vystroennye mrachnovatye shots in zavalennyh flowers ruins gym. Refined angle of children's parties. The alarming music. No names. The lack of intrusive narrating. Skilful use of pauses. Oh, for the Air Force masterfully able to make such things.

I would not watch this film under any circumstances, though it should not have been reviewed. He brought me in horror. The feeling was such that I vyvalyali in the mud. Authors violated not only the children, already nastradavshimisya from the horrors that they had to describe the front of the camera, but we, the audience. In fact, any pornography interactively. If you watched as mock the other, you have unwittingly become an accomplice.

creation of such a film is not justified by any arguments: on the contrary, a thousand obvious reasons it can not be removed in any case.

'Children of Beslan' - this is the worst kind of 'emotional fascism': the authors were forced to be spectators show emotion, and has earned high ratings.

Televizionschikam, think and snyavshim this film should be, hiding their eyes in shame, to ask ourselves, and sincerely try to answer: if this happened to their own children, they decided to put them in front of the camera? That's what it is!

As strange coincidence, the same evening in another channel Rosie Boykott analyzed the phenomenon of 'false grief' and the public mourning over the death of a completely unknown people. According to her, beginning with 'compassion parade' put the death of Princess Diana, and since then it has become a kind of tourism. For the media as it has become one of the forms of commercial activity.

Why, asked the author, someone send flowers strangers, or being at the funeral of a person with whom you have never met?

A common phrase 'I want to share your sorrow', according to Boykott, has a tinge of predatory selfishness.

It was tough, budorazhaschaya channel. Podytozhim Boykott conclusion: the next time you'll cry because of the death of a stranger, or even because of the grief beslanskogo child, think about whom you are actually crying. The answer, you may not like it.

Melanie Reid (Melanie Reid), "The Herald", UK

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