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The authorities have refuted the statement by Basayev on the involvement of special services of Russia to the terrorist act in Beslan.

Almost all the officials, a request to comment on the statement of the involvement of Basayev special to the terrorist act in Beslan talking about the same: "We do not comment on absurd."

example, the Deputy Prosecutor General Nikolai Shepel has called Russia a statement Shamil Basayev bredovym. "Otherwise, how bredom ÓÉ×ÏÊ mares saying this terrorist-detoubiytsy can not be named" - told Interfax Shepel. According to Shepel, "consequently has no evidence of any involvement of special services to seize the school in Beslan on September 1 last year."

In turn, the president of Chechnya Alu Alhanov did not comment saying Basayev. "I would not like to talk about this.

But it was an inhumane act, and no Muslim would not go on like that. This nelyudi "- said Alhanov.

However, less dependent on the official views of officers, on condition of anonymity, reacted to Basayev said more seriously. "It is a professional development and implementation of sabotage, but it is subversive action, said the high preparation of developers, the availability of full-scale intelligence on approach routes to the building, leaving the facility, the development of a full cover during the campaign. But the main thing - the existence of political opportunities its implementation and the reaction of officials in its implementation ", - explained to a correspondent of" Caucasian knot "is one of the current officers of Russian special services related to terrorism.

"suicide bombers among the terrorists are not so much as think accepted in society. Although the Muslims are more than supporters of other religions. Virtually all of the terrorists hoped to go live and even break the bank. In other words, going to sabotage or attack, you can call whatever you like, the essence remains the same, the terrorists hope is not lost, but to win. In any case, their commanders. Others may be just "cannon fodder", but leaders must be exactly sure win - their demands are met, otherwise, and no play. Thus, "the Beslan operation, sorry for the cynicism of the name, was carried out carefully, taking into account all possible scenarios. The only thing that they did not expect - that the assault . And, in my opinion, it was not. And there was a deliberate provocation by a third party, whether neuchtennaya accident. "

According to the officer, it is possible that some schools in Beslan was still a subversive group, which for some reason and caused the first indiscriminate gunfire, bombing and then forced the Russian attack special.

He also believes that "Basayev during the two wars has shown himself not only hitrym and treacherous enemy, but also good for specialists to conduct acts of sabotage."

"But all the same - a task he was not on the teeth, it worked very seriously by people, not necessarily from the Russian special services. In the end, we have trained many of the saboteurs around the world on our books of sabotage, including from the Arab world. They know our tactics nazubok. And in other major countries have enough professional saboteurs "- he said.

Another interviewee correspondent "Caucasian knot", as the current officer, believes that "Basayev simply decided to recall its own.

In his letter, he calls the names Abdulla (Vladimir) Chodov agent of the FSB and the Regional Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (RUBOP) simultaneously. "

"First RUBOPov not long ago, and secondly, the two offices - RUBOP and the Federal Security Service - gryzlis to death. When RUBOPy who invented the former Interior Minister Vladimir Rushailo, decided disperse after the departure of "Papa Roux, so it is called, it was the FSB helped them bury their material. Being an agent of the two structures, even while it was not possible."

However, according to an officer, a subversive training at Shamil Basayev was all the same. "During the Georgian-Abkhaz war, 92-93 years, Moscow made a bid for Abkhazia and be assisted only this side of the conflict," - told interlocutor "Caucasian knot", adding that since it was opened can be done, Russia has begun to attract people with parties, including those from Chechnya. - They are taught, trained, given certain skills colleagues from the Russian GRU GSH. I know for sure that Basayev has held a series of successful operations against Georgian forces, but they say has been excessive brutality. "

According to the interlocutor, after the victory of Abkhazia "like Basayev were not needed and their supervisors were released from house to house, and Abkhazians are not very willing to see them. So we have what have. "

ruВласти опровергают заявление Басаева о причастности спецслужб России к теракту в Беслане
deDie Behörden haben widerlegt die Aussage von Bassajew auf die Einbeziehung von speziellen Dienstleistungen von Russland in die terroristische Handlung in Beslan.
esLas autoridades han refutado la declaraciГіn de BasГЎyev sobre la participaciГіn de los servicios especiales de Rusia a que el acto terrorista en BeslГЎn.
frLes autoritГ©s ont rГ©futГ© la dГ©claration de la participation de la Russie spГ©ciale BasaГЇev attaque terroriste de Beslan.
itLe autoritГ  hanno smentito la dichiarazione di Basayev sul coinvolgimento dei servizi speciali della Russia per l'atto terroristico di Beslan.

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