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Svetlana, you have to face?.

Gomericheskogo pohabstva anti-comedy В«Man on call 2В» tells the erection nose and gigolo murders.

So what can you say here ... not Tarkovsky, of course. Russian woman, Svetlana, who grew up the nose instead of a member who rebelled under the veil of emotional moments of excitement - the character speaking, of course, about the bad taste of their creators. As the film В«The man on call 2В» (Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo), the enforcement of such gomericheskogo pohabstva that wither begonii in the foyer of cinemas.

However, Rob Schneider - Hot Heart project, which has played a major role and participate in writing the script - there are two justifications. First, it is not going to be justified, because obviously feels some kind of a missionary or a deputy of the party bodily bottom defending god given right to laugh at the word В«assВ». Secondly, it is - one of the few people who have a right to defend.

Hischny as James Bond, beautiful ladies chosen from a bed at a time when the castle podezzhaet husband.

farewell kiss, a gentle В«thanks for yesterday nightВ», cut into his pocket handsome, and he deftly jumping from a window.

to stumble on a thick old servant. Pause. В«Thank you for yesterday nightВ», - said the maid, passes bill, and the handsome continues path. But the guard at the gate with a machine. Pause. В«Thank you for yesterday nightВ», - said the guard, passing the money. The gate opened, and the gigolo is continuing the path to a minute to die under the wheels of the train. This - the first in a series of murders of male prostitutes, occurred in Amsterdam. This after some troubles in the U.S. comes Rob Schneider, in the last series, published in 1999, podrabatyvavshy the same trade. Here, he will investigate the killings, meeting with chlenonosoy Svetlana and other amazing women, familiarity with the relaxing atmosphere of Europe and, of course, big and clean (Gusarov, keep quiet!) Love.

Amsterdam chosen as the site of action is not by chance - the capital evrotresha best for antievropeyskogo pamphlet, which is a «Man on call». The meeting respectable society male prostitutes recalls meeting of Parliament, the streets zagazheny looby tourists everywhere shnyryayut aggressive ÁÎÔÉÇÌÏÂÁÌÉÓÔÙ. A pleasant feeling that Europe - this is very funny and silly, living in the heart of every American propaganda is not spoiled, as nitrogen in the air - irrevocable.

Neotmenim and Rob Schneider, like the sadly shabby opossuma.

little man in the grip of the circumstances, the hero of В«Men ...В» or even more insane В«AnimalВ» - this is, in fact, Charlie Chaplin, peredoznuvshiysya big poppy.

As he gamely accepts the challenge, which throws his life pobezhdaya enemy, not by force, but its absurd and humanity. As naive and bezoglyadno bredet pool of contemporary problems. The difference between them as times small - Chaplin genius, but Schneider - activities otmorozok. So what is changing? Laughter is laughter, razdelyvaet whether the hero in the sole of the shoe В«Gold RushВ» or plyashet in diapers and cheptse visiting velikanshi, dreams of children, as in В«Men challengeВ».

In order to respond to the insulting critics, Schneider had to redeem for his open letters to the whole band in Daily Variety. He said surprisingly neizobretatelno and crude, and most importantly - to no avail. The idea is that there is no controversy. Not Schneider - as Adam Sandler, is not it - so old Leslie Nielsen. A member who grew up in the nose instead of Svetlana - is stigmat, who appears on television zaznavshegosya film with inevitable regularity as a reminder of the origin of the gay and bezrodnom critical of the Arts.

Kostylev Anton

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