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Banda pogorela.

In Neftekumsk area as a result of special operation carried out on Thursday by police Stavropol, in the village Yamangoy killed two militants, one arrested.

There is a loss and in the ranks of the siloviki.

Sturm homes, which hid three members of illegal armed groups, launched about four hours of the day. Bandits fired. According to witnesses, the fight lasted more than half an hour. A member of the police special squad of the Anti-organized crime GUVD Lieutenant Oleg Vorontsov was seriously wounded in the chest. He later died in hospital. Another spetsnazovets - Major - was wounded by shrapnel in the head.

during an exchange house where militants sought refuge, caught fire.

Before the place podospel fire calculation completely burned and collapsed roof. After storming out of the rubble removed izuvechennoe grenade body of one of the militias, which in addition strongly obgorelo. As the correspondent of В«ACВ» from the scene, after more than 12 hours after the operation is complete, the body of a second member of the gang and is not found. It is possible that his body is still under the rubble.

Press Service GUVD UK reported on the destruction of two militants, as well as the third member of the capture and detention of members of NWF's special assistant bandits. All of them - residents Neftekumskogo area.

In char room found AKS-74U machine, lots of ammunition, handling the remains of charred jacket and banking package money.

special operation in the village Yamangoy - the result of a number of provincial police glavka, including offices to combat organized crime and economic crime, traffic police and OMON. In the course of operational activities in the territory razysknyh Neftekumskogo area law-enforcement became aware of the bandgruppe, which is preparing terrorist attacks and has a large quantity of explosives. In addition, the police had sufficient grounds to believe that members of the same gang were involved in brutal killings of local residents in August this year. Remember, earlier this month in the village Kayasula in their own homes have been shot dead the wife Holshevnikovy - director and teacher of a local school, as well as a former police officer Yahya. Two days later, on the ovoschevodcheskogo economy with gunshot wounds found the body of a foreman Sultanov. And last Monday was an attempt to Lieutenant UBOP GUVD, in which an officer and his wife were injured.

As reported by the press service of Regional Prosecutor's Office, the criminal cases on these crimes are combined into one production. The investigation is specifically set up investigation team prosecuting the UK.

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