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Basque sang for journalists in the make-up room.

His jubilee evening''I am 25!''Was broadcast on all the central channels.

In secular circles is considered prestigious to go to a concert Nikolai Baskov. Pozravlyat Nicholas then came all: from Kobzon and Rosenbaum to the group "Arrows" and "Brilliant."

in Stavropol same singer has set a record value of the tickets: 2300 rubles - that is the price for the first parquet.

In addition, the singer appeared raydere impressive claim: the car class - "Cadillac" or government "ZIL. In grimernoy should be a toilet, sink and shower. Near the sink should be based on 3 and 2 mahrovyh waffle towels - and no other. In addition, an interview with the singer have to negotiate for a month (!) To the concert and through the administrator. Poor organizers will catch at a head, not knowing how to please the singer. Done that could, with the exception of a separate toilet and shower in the make-up room, rebuild the Palace of Trade Unions of them, no one allowed.

But Ryder Ryder, but it is actually proved much easier. Basque came to us from Krasnodar in excellent spirits, otobedav at the Hotel "Intourist", he pomchalsya on stage. Everyone who met him, pointed out that Kohl's is very simple and cute guy, without a star "Pontos".

concert he started on time. Bring the orchestra, ballet and two backing vocalists. To the audience came in a white suit and black lacquer shoes.

- Finally we come to you! I am very pleased to speak today in this magnificent city on the way here I saw how beautiful the fields and meadows surround it - with these words Nicholas started the concert - This is one of my recent tour in Russia. During the summer I am leaving for four years in hot Spain.

After these words the Basque moved to the execution of his repertoire.

sang classic arias, as well as pop songs.

After another of the artist came to the boy with a bouquet of flowers and started with him about something to say. "Is that you take my keys? - Said the Basque. - And I come here!" Well, young man, come together spoem.

It turned out that Arthur, the so-called child sings no worse Baskov. Kohl was so surprised that Arthur's parents asked the phone and said that he himself personally would further his education and promotion. Maybe even remove them together in a clip. "I am grateful from the artists: if you see that a person is talented, always help, but bezdarnosti themselves probyutsya!" - Entered into a singer.

At the performer came People's Artist of Russia, the Bolshoi soloist Larisa Rudakova.

- I admire her talent - said the Basque. - My tour schedule depends on the employment of the singer.

They sang a few duets, during the execution of the last Basque fell to the feet of the Opera DIVE. The hall moved oglushitelnye applause.

After intermission Nicholas turned to his pop hits.

second office lasted 40 minutes and ended with the song "Sharmanka. It involves a performer amusing story.

- One day at a concert in Odessa, I served aria Lensky. I'm actually sing "What about on-time trains to come to me?" Suddenly I hear a conversation in the room, the husband said his wife: Listen, I when he zapoet about sharmanku, so babok for lost tickets!

in Stavropol such talk was not.

In the final room applauded standing. Rastrogavshis receiving public Basque sang "In memory of Caruso."

After the concert Honored Artist of Russia agreed to communicate with journalists, that is very rare.

- Only fast girls. I hasten to Krepostnuyu Mount, your Governor has asked me to sing a few songs for the border guards, - warned us Nicholas. We did not detain him.

- you are going to Spain ...

- I am leaving there to sing - interrupted me actor. - Within two years, will live in Russia, in Spain. Four months there, four here. I have also been invited to Israel in the setting of "Rigoletto" in Tel Aviv.

- Are not you afraid that the Russian audience you forget?

- How can I forget? - Said tomnym voice Baskov.

- you sang at the Bolshoi Theater, performed in conjunction with Montserrat Caballe, some kind of dream you have?

- in the musical would like to participate. But most importantly - keep your health in order to have strength for further work.

- is true that you lost 20 kilograms?

- I lost heavily when I was 16 years old, no operations, slimming, I did not do. All of this tale yellow press. The very form of support: to nourish, in sports.

- Negative incidents of fanatskoy love you been?

- Only positive, I love their fans, and they told me. Write, publish a newspaper called "Our Baskov. By the way, you can subscribe to it.

- By a parody of itself as a treat?

- Excellent. I myself who want to can mimic.

- Why do not you performed at the concert one of your best songs in Italian, "Love and Tears"?

- I can not fit into the program all the songs. Want perform it for you right now.

After these words the Basque sang, demonstrating his excellent vocal crowd figures. At the noise came administrator singer, and the press conference ended.

Nicholas rushed to Krepostnuyu mountain. Wishing him success in his hand Ispaniiyu, we rasklanyalis.

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