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Mystery of flying refrigerator.

The main version of the death of Boeing 737, which is 40 minutes flying, full of frozen corpses, and then crashed into a mountain, remains razregmetizatsiya pilot cockpit.

But until this tragedy is too many obscure points.

search of work at the site crash Boeing 737 airline Helios Airlines completed. According to Reuters, found the bodies of 115 passenger aircraft and 6 crew. The last rescuers found the body of the pilot. The remains of those killed are now sent for examination and identification. According to the source of news in the Greek Defense Ministry, the majority of the corpses are frozen, that is, all people on board the aircraft died still high in the sky. However, the collision of aircraft to land and the ensuing fire on many bodies obuglilis skin. In this regard, experts believe that the identification would require DNA tests, which means that identification is delayed by at least ten days.

Both Flight Recorder Boeing 737-800 - voice and parametric - are sent to spell in France. The goal is that by investigating the causes of the disaster liner American join experts from the United States.

Meanwhile, experts are lost at your wit's end about the causes of an emergency on board Cypriot airline. The basic version is considered to be depressurization in the cockpit at an altitude of more than 10 km. She had apparently occurred in the early 11 th am Moscow time (Sunday), shortly before entering the plane in the airspace of Greece. 10.37 In the liner was in the zone of control of Greek ground services, but at 11.07 control tower at Athens international airport has not yet been able to establish a relationship with him, and in 11.20 Ministry of Transport of Cyprus reported that shortly before entering Greek airspace of the crew of the ship radio problem with air-conditioning.

hour later raised to the sky Greek F-16 fighter jets made visual contact with the plane, but were unable to communicate with his crew, and another 5 minutes, the military pilots in the cockpit to see the second liners the pilot, making no signs of life. Commander at the scene, they said, was not. Later, as reported by the representative of the Greek government, Theodore Russopulos, watched pilots in the cockpit of two people who apparently tried to regain control of the plane. Were it a passenger or someone from the crew is unknown. В«In the cabin oxygen masks hanging. The aircraft made a continuous turn to the right, thus demonstrating that the radio is lost В», - the words conveyed Russopulos military pilots.

passengers in the cabin of the aircraft are likely to actually survive longer than the pilots.

One of the passengers had time to write their relatives in Athens SMS with the text: В«Pilot posinel. Farewell, we freeze В». This, again, said that the problems began in the cockpit. Apparently, when the cabin of suspected something neladnoe, Stewards have opened the door to the pilots and tried pumping commander (and so it was not in place), but to do something they have not succeeded. And if the oxygen starvation of the passengers for some time even to save himself with the help of oxygen masks, then the low temperature - no.

main issue, which now gives specialists puzzling: why oxygen masks had not used well-prepared for such developments pilots liner?

As explained by the correspondent of В«Gazety.RuВ» honored test pilot Anatoly Kvochur Russia, depressurization can feel and chicken, and not something that the pilot (for example, ears quickly lays). Besides, this signals automatic aircraft. According to experts, even rapid decompression cockpit could not call for high instantaneous loss of consciousness. В«There have been cases when the hatch was opened, vyryvalo seats, but did not immediately make the air, the pilots have in stock 15-20 seconds to put on oxygen masks to cope with the situation - said Kvochur. - In my practice, cases razgermetizatsii at an altitude of 20 thousand meters, and at high speed was more than once, and nothing В». True, there is a version that the oxygen masks in the cabin could be faulty.

talk about slow razgermetizatsii, according to Kvochur, likely will not make any sense. The specialist explained that there is the phenomenon of В«creeping decompressionВ»: with the rise of the aircraft because of the disruption of the blood chemistry of the crew begins a sort of intoxication, which can lead to inappropriate actions of pilots. But out of this situation experienced pilots usually go without any special effects, the more catastrophic. Therefore, as the Kvochur, look for the cause of the disaster Cypriot ship will probably in a different direction. В«Everything looks strange - noted test pilot. - And in the light of what is known from press reports, the version with poisoning the crew any gas seems like a very promising В».

version of terrorist attack or sabotage of the Greek authorities reject. However, the local media suggest that the pilots had killed a gas released into the cabin because of the possible failures in the system of air conditioning.

According to the press, the Cypriot Boeing 737 plane problems with this system have occurred from time to time - last winter, and on unconfirmed reports, shortly before the last flight. Nevertheless, all versions have yet to be verified professionals. Neither one of them the Greek authorities do not deny nor confirm.

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