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After 15 years after the death of Victor Choi lives in the hearts.

Today, fans of the "Cinema" mark sad date: Day of Commemoration in memory of Victor Tsoi.

Exactly 15 years ago, on August 15, 1990 automobile accident under the Riga oborvala the life of this talented man. His death sparked a real shock for millions of crush on you throughout the country. But it is not forgotten, and remember to this day. In fact, Victor Choi has become a rock idol for several generations.

From the very morning of the wall in the musician Krivoarbatskom Lane in Moscow tolpyatsya dozens of art connoisseurs of the singer.

nadryvnaya guitar sounds and voices with a sing "Movie."

What is curious about the wall Choi can see people are of different ages, as those over 30, and teenagers 12-14 years old. But they all have one thing - love for the talented singer and his work.

Some even tend to call Victor Tsoi symbol generation. His songs and listen to today and those born after the death of a talented singer. And his songs and still led by sheets charts.

Meanwhile, the leader of the "Cinema" is known not only for its songs.

During its short life Choi snyalsya in four kinolentah. Perhaps the most famous of these is the film "The Needle."

It is for the execution of the role of this tape in 1988 by film critics polls magazine "Soviet Screen" Choi acknowledged best kinoakterom year.

a long time are talking about establishing a monument to Victor Tsoyu in the Russian capital. Today Oleg Rozhnov, chairman of the Russian Union of Youth and the organizer of the project said that the monument does is established. However, it does not put a wall in the Old Arbat Street, and in the south-west of Moscow.

Monument will be represented by a black granite razbivayuschiysya disk from which a motorcycle with a broken headlamp leaves Victor Choi barefoot and in dark glasses.

monument installed in the garden, located at the intersection of Vernadskogo and University Avenues.

already know that the inauguration of the monument will take place in the next, in 2006. However, the exact date still difficult to call: most likely, it will be either June 21 (the birthday of the musician), or 15 August (day of death of the leader of the "Cinema").


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