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God of barbed wire.

Book «Dead Sea Scrolls» - detective investigating the sponsors, set up the «Da Vinci Code», stories «kumranskih manuscripts».

weak persons, and whose path is known unknown. Everyone wants to be in the chocolate and do not want - in derme, but there is a man, but God has. Book «Dead Sea Scrolls» does not threaten the fate of «Da Vinci Code», as if neither wanted to marketing publishers. Do not suffer from the shops tons, despite ulyapavshie cover slogans «most loud scandal XX century», «The mystery of ancient civilizations» and even almost umolyayuschee «Sacred secrets: from the promised land to the Vatican» - all too often they yell «Wolf!», that they believe.

That if you say that the book about kumranskie manuscript that you do? Kivnete polite, they say, have heard, yes, and slowly put the book back on the shelf. And make a mistake, among other things. Because the book is in the sensationalism of Dan Brown's creation, and if inferior, it is not much. First, remember that the life of Jesus Christ, we know almost exclusively on the Gospels and other canonical texts. The authors of these books I did not call disinterested parties. But third-party evidence about the lives of the Jews of those times when the lands went to the son of Mary, like the works of Pliny the Elder or Joseph Flavia, and almost no remaining.

In light of this can imagine what has become a sensation in the middle of XX century discovery of so-called «kumranskih rolls» - a huge number of entries made by contemporaries of Jesus.

Detektivnuyu, without any exaggeration, story unfolded after the findings, the authors tell smachno and in good taste, good material pleasure. Scrolls found in 1947, just prior to the establishment of the State of Israel and the ensuing war, and adventure in pioneering enough. Everything was there - and a meeting at the gate to determine the authenticity of the manuscript of the experts saw through the barbed wire separating the Arab and Jewish sectors of Jerusalem, and covert raids into the territory of the enemy, and shnyryavshie by a belligerent country OSS agents, recently renamed the CIA, and the famous meeting in the library, which had to be a teacher. As a result, a collection of manuscripts apart - was part of the Israeli experts, but most - of the international group of scientists who worked in Rokfellerovskom Museum in Jordan. Aeriel Sharon recalled it, but not yet prime minister, a dashing spetsnazovets, along with Moshe Dayan had developed a plan of underground raid to capture Rockefeller Museum.

But that - more than a fairy tale, but just saying. The main intrigue starts when all calm, and both groups have begun to explore relics. According to the authors, strange things began - the work of international team led by his father in Rolanom de becoming more and more closed, remittances have become more and more intervals. The information stored in these scrolls, has still not been published in full, despite the fact that the team has been working for more than half a century. What's the matter? According to the authors - is that most scientists, it was not even just the Catholics, and Catholic priests. The few exceptions one way or another, have been suspended from work with the texts, often - after the scandals.

What opened secret so rattled the Vatican?

Nastorozhilis? Recently ÞÉÔÁÎÎÙÊ «Da Vinci Code» melknul memory? Nothing surprising. Authors «Dead Sea Scrolls», Michael Beydzhent and Richard Leigh, can truly call themselves, if not the world's best-seller by fathers, it is dedushkami accurately. The success of Dan Brown's novel once again confirmed the fact that new - it is forgotten old. In fact, Brown simply rewrote the form of detective bestseller Beydzhenta and Lee «The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail», saw the light of a quarter of a century ago, in 1980. All «blasphemy» Brown is available - and the marriage of Jesus and Magdalene, and the «blood of Christ» Grail, symbolizing their children and their descendants living in our days, and the origin of the royal dynasty of the Merovingians, and a secret society called «The Priory of Sion» , which stores the information in deep secrecy, and even with Newton da Vinci as the guardians of ancient secrets. This topic Beydzhent Michael and Richard Lee does not develop in the first book, and «Dead Sea Scrolls» - one of them. For example, the famous «Protocols of the Elders of Zion», in their version, only the willfully distorted copy of the original text, which had no relationship to either Judaism or the Jewish conspiracy, and belonged to a secret society in the name of which included the word «Zion».

holy simplicity of Dan Brown, using other people's creativity in the world has caused a storm of outrage, and the Beydzhent and Lee, as reported «Daily Telegraph», submitted to publishers «Da Vinci Code» in court.

I think most of their outraged that Brown is not only wrong uper findings, but even with the door handle pleasantly waved. Remember:

- As you can see, my dear, - said Sir Tibing and zahromal to bookshelves - Leonardo was not the only one who tried to tell the world the truth about Graale. Znatnoe origin of Christ investigated thoroughly by dozens of historians.

Sophie read the title:

«holy blood, holy grail». Internationally recognized bestseller.

Sophie with bewildered eyes raised:

- Internationally recognized bestseller? Strange, but I never had not heard.

- you were too young, my child. In the eighties, this book has made the present furor.

However, all this is not surprising. Yes, books and Beydzhenta Lee and indeed the world have been bestsellers, and the authors had huge amounts of money - the benefit of the authors are able to write and intrigue kept masterfully. Yes, Brown waited until the new generation will grow and gathered «Second Harvest». A bit more surprising - we are just the «Da Vinci Code», and «Holy Blood and the Holy Grail» (in the Russian translation of «sacred riddle») read almost simultaneously. Why, Brown's people do, and «Dead Sea Scrolls» circulation fell 5 thousand copies?

But what can you say here, in addition, how do you start? Man proposes, God has, and let everyone prevails dnes anger him. Comforted them.

Michael Beydzhent, Richard Lee, «Dead Sea Scrolls», Eksmo, 2005

Buy the book: Dead Sea Scrolls

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