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Will the entrance to the park Victory paid?.

According to director of the park will stavropolchane "fed" zaezzhih musicians.

While only occasionally.

on Sunday in the Park of the Victory was held concert В«Balagan LimitedВ». Has he anshlagom. The fee for entry was purely symbolic - only 30 rubles (for comparison: the tickets for the other stars are now at least 500 rubles).

musicians like our city and, especially, the Victory Park:

- We are in Stavropol for the first time. More plainly did not have time to look, but noticed that you have a very nice, clean city.

- our audience - people who can have fun. Our creativity does not bear the aggression. We are not afraid to invite his fans on stage

were also unhappy with the fact that the park entrance fee to enter.

- "I, as usual, had a walk in the park with a child. I do not need this show. And I'm not going to pay!"

But most people who came to the concert, concerned the question: not whether the entrance to the park always paid?

The question we have addressed to the President of the Council of the ACT "Stavropolskie parks of culture and recreation" Viktor Bondarenko:

- I hasten to reassure our visitors - the entrance to the park will not be paid. The exception would be only the concerts, when we invite the good performers, the stars. These holidays we are planning to hold several times a month. Why? Simply, we believe that it is necessary to do good, solid event, because the park is growing, here comes more and more people. Admission fees for speeches on popular artists, we were forced to enter. Today, nobody wants to work for free - or local, let alone Moscow artists. But it started 30 rubles - this is not so much a lot of money. In a cafe on them even a cup of tea is not vypesh.

Bondarenko said that the leadership has left the park for visitors to the right of choice.

For example, for some people and thirty rubles - it is a fairly significant amount. Then you can just come early and wait for the concert, because the entrance fee on the day of the concert with a certain amount of time. And children and pensioners free entry.

I am the director of the park with a woman who flatly refused to pay for entry. "The park has a defined territory, a small area - an alley of entertainment. This territory we gardens. All other avenues at the disposal of visitors. Do not want to go to a concert, can just walk on other avenues, to sit in a cafe", - explained Victor G..

But the team members asked Stavropoltsam remain the same hospitable and generous.

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