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Astrakhan again felt the tremors.

Residents Astrakhan region and surrounding areas on Thursday night felt strong tremors ..

Most likely cause of the earthquake can be a violation of the technology explosion of munitions at the site Ashuluk, deputy spokeswoman for the government of Astrakhan region on the operation of the life support and environmental safety.

At the same time the representative of the Western Military District (WEST), told RIA Novosti that the dismantlement of weapons being on the ground in the normal mode, without breaking technology.

earthquake fault in the military?

Thursday evening for a few hours only rescue service took 179 calls from citizens with information about the earthquake.

"Yesterday at about 18 o'clock MSK in a single duty and dispatch service number 112 began receiving calls from concerned citizens. Reason for alarm - tangible tremors are felt as residents of the area, and the city. How do I find the staff of the Main Emergency Management in the Astrakhan region, the source of the earthquake were explosions at the site Ashuluk made for the destruction of ammunition, "- said in a statement.

at the landfill since 2011 conducted the planned destruction of obsolete ammunition by detonation. During this time, residents of the region have repeatedly complained about the seismic activity at the time of blasting. With military held a series of meetings and to take measures to reduce the effects of blasting on the surrounding area.

a landfill regular regiment was formed for the destruction of ammunition. His work is held under control WEST. The field where the explosions take place a few months ago, it was postponed to 24 kilometers from Ashuluk, towards the border with Kazakhstan.

representative of the regional government said that in just a few hours before the incident in the regional Emergencies Ministry a meeting of the emergency and fire safety, which discusses additional changes in technology explosions due to cooling.

Because soil freezing tremors could be felt more strongly in connection with which the time between the detonation was decided to increase.

Noted Thursday night quake authorities can explain only a violation of the agreements reached by the military.

"Descended on Thursday night explosion provoked such a powerful shock wave, experts explain the violation approved and blasting operations. Circumstances are clarified," - said in a statement.

military position

According to the WEST Andrei Bobrun, military experts consider impossible in principle, the seismic activity of the explosions at a great distance - about 100 miles.

Work on the disposal of ammunition carried on the ground in the normal mode, without change and violation of technology, but there were complaints from the public for the first time in quite a long time.

"Just got the information from the responsible for the ongoing disposal. No changes in technology bombings have either yesterday or the day before yesterday was not. We provide disposal in accordance with the agreements, which reached with Astrakhan region already in the April. no "special" explosions, no increase in the charge - nothing at the site was not "- said Bobrun RIA Novosti.

According to him, if the explosions at the site were so powerful that the seismic shocks shook Astrakhan, a number of communities located much closer to the polygon, would have been in ruins. As suggested by the military, it is likely that the source of anxiety Astrakhan lies somewhere much closer to the regional center.

"We already had one of the regions example, when the accused military ground shaking, but in the end it turned out that the development of ground fault in his career. So here you need to understand, especially since our activities are many controls agencies: the FSB and the Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, "- said the official.

He also said that at the range observed explosions pretty tough schedule: at six o'clock in the evening, when we started, community complaints, the engineers at the site is needed to complete the work.

"Explosions are Monday to Friday, Saturday conducted cleanup area. Working day ends at 18.00, followed by the operational command of the report on the completion of the work," - explained Bobrun.

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