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Krasnodar "choke" without the 2018 World Cup.

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter and the chairman of the organizing committee of "Russia-2018" sports minister Vitaly Mutko in late September named 11 cities of Russia, who will be the World Cup in 2018 ..

Contrary to many forecasts in this list is not ranked Krasnodar. Fans of FC "Kuban" decided to protest against the decision of FIFA and Russian officials and held a meeting recently in Krasnodar.

one of the active organizers, fan "green-yellow" Igor Nowicki told about the "real reasons" exception to Krasnodar from the list of the home team, the role of the 2018 World Cup in the life of the city and that he had said this when meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Igor, you are happy with the results of the rally fans?

Yes, we have achieved the goals that we have set. Our request to hold a meeting no opposition, we do not go somewhere in Chistyakovskaya grove. There was no response from the authorities was not. But support too.

We would like to state that misses Krasnodar in the final list of cities that will be the World Cup, against the five criteria FIFA.

known that football officials consider the economic development of the city infrastructure, the concept of the tournament, the investment and use of heritage FM. All the media ahead of the announcement of the list of drawing diagrams, building graphics, which came out that was going to Krasnodar ranking immediately after Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan. And suddenly - bang! Had to drop out whatever city, but not Krasnodar.

responsibility for the final decision lies with the Russian officials. Not by chance, when FIFA President Blatter asked to comment on the choice of cities, he gave the floor to Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko.

So, you think that FIFA made the decision not to exclude Krasnodar from the host cities?

FIFA defines the country and the city - the local authorities. We are responsible for that Mutko, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, President Vladimir Putin, who approved the list.

What do you think of Krasnodar authorities have sought the right to host the FIFA World Cup matches?

Our authorities were confident that the tournament will be held in Krasnodar. And who's to doubt at all? A couple of weeks before the announcement of the final decision Mutko in an interview carried Krasnodar to the group of cities, which, they say, the exclusion from the list of non-threatening.

is unlikely that all the residents of Krasnodar support the idea of World Cup matches in 2018. Many believe that the city can not afford more buildings.

City not survive unless it is the World Cup. Krasnodar "choke." Carrying World Cup - the only solution to urban problems. To hide, this tournament is not needed for the match Australia - Burkina Faso. It is necessary for financial investments.

example, the same removal of the railway line for Krasnodar. Now Railways would not give it to "good", because there is no excuse. A 2018 World Cup would help solve this problem.

In our country, generally something done only in case of contingencies - when planned a grand event, then something starts to move. Now the infrastructure will be developed in the 11 cities, and everyone will forget about Krasnodar.

And about the construction of the stadium in the street Dzerzhinsky also forget?

Sports Complex on "Enke" good. But all of these facilities are cut off from the city. The stadium will be fully completed, if it will be built to the normal entrances. Also in attendance will affect the success of "Kuban": if the club will show the normal game, to achieve good results, the stadium will not be empty.

During the meeting it was announced that fans of "Kuban" will seek a meeting with the leadership of the country. How to do it?

us send Putin resolution made following the meeting, and wait for a response.

What is the answer of the President that work?

If he agrees to meet with the fans. And at the meeting, we tell him all the things that I'm talking to you.

How are you going to prove the head of state that has to go in Krasnodar World Cup?

I do not call arguments. But I think that, together, we work out of. To date, the main argument is - Krasnodar is fully consistent with the five criteria FIFA.

Putin And I would say: "Vladimir Vladimirovich, not good to change the rules during the game. Rules were announced in advance, and they need to follow."

And it would have on migration flows. Kuban - the third region on the number of migrants after Moscow and St. Petersburg. Our City "choke." We jams no less than in the capital. And if we allocate federal funds, it is us, not Saransk with a population of 300,000.

If we follow your logic, Saransk never develops.

Well, what's to develop?

If you could make a decision, what city would be removed from the list of hosts the 2018 World Cup?

Sochi. Because this city does not need football. In terms of football, Sochi worse and Saransk. There has never been a normal team. Yes, tried to revive the "Pearl," but to no avail. Local residents not to football. I do not know what will Sochi residents with its ultra modern stadium after the World Cup. Ready to compete with anyone out there that in the end the market will be.

can compete with Putin when to meet him.

Well, if fate suddenly will bring ...

What needs to happen for you to understand: Krasnodar left without a tournament?

- All. Point.

must start the World Cup. I will live in hope until the summer of 2018.

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