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Stavropol killer doctors will be punished.

In Stavropol completed an investigation into the teenager's death chamber.

Investigation Division in Industrial area of Stavropol completed the investigation of the criminal case against the doctor hyperbaric oxygenation gravitational separation surgery blood SBD SC "Regional Children's Hospital."

Medic accused of an offense under Part 2 of Article 109 of the Criminal Code ("Causing death by negligence due to improper execution of his or her professional duties").

- According to investigators, on August 30 this year, a doctor, in spite of the instructions, "Actions of personnel in case of emergency when barotherapy" did not produce trained 17-year-old patient before the session, and are not removed during the procedure foreign objects, resulting in a fire of oxygen - said senior assistant SU TFR in the Stavropol region Ekaterina Danilova.

As a result, the patient received a 100-percent body burns and respiratory tract, from which he died on September 1. At present, the criminal case has been referred to the prosecutor for allegations of the indictment and transfer to the court for trial.

As previously reported, "RG", a course of treatment in a hyperbaric chamber took 17 years from the settlement of Alexander Dyadchenko Solnechnodolsk Izobilnenski areas suffering high intraocular pressure. Incident took up law enforcement. On examination of the scene in a blanket, which was wrapped in a boy, was found melted lighters that boy brought in a jeans pocket. When combined with oxygen gas lighters exploded, and clothing for the teenager broke out. The guy tried to get out, but could not open the door of the chamber. The attending physician rushed to help when the fire is raging inside.

Also, check Roszdravnadzor revealed numerous violations of the law relating to the training, maintenance and safety of medical equipment at the Children's Hospital. In particular, before the procedure, hyperbaric oxygen therapy patient was dressed in a cotton wet clothes.

The chamber in which to conduct a fatal procedure, operated since 1991, and the factory-assigned resource has been depleted of its work or in 2001, according to the printed text on the form, or in 2006 - in line with the amended Form corrected.

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