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In the traffic police have come to trust the drivers.

Power of Attorney will disappear from the list of mandatory documents to control the car at the end of the year.

Interior Ministry has prepared a draft decree on the abolition of the power of attorney to drive the car

was commissioned by the Ministry of Interior has developed a draft resolution by which the documents will disappear from the list of power of attorney to control the car. Confirmation that the car owner has entrusted another driver will be the certificate of registration and the keys to the car.

The Interior Ministry drafted a decree abolishing the hand-written power of attorney.

told "" official representative of the Russian Federation Dmitry Leibov traffic police, all of the amendments that are necessary to make changes to the SDA, developed and agreed with the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Agriculture. In addition, the first amendment was supported by the Ministry of Justice, where it is believed that without the power of attorney will be more difficult to prosecute a driver if he is driving someone else's car, was responsible for the accident.

Dmitry Medvedev in mid-October, instructed the Interior Ministry to draft a decree abolishing the handwritten letters of administration vehicle, determining a deadline for the development and submission of amendments - October 20. Earlier, officials reported that the confirmation of the fact that the owner loaned the car to another person should be a liability insurance policy tool, which will enter the name of the trustee.

But on Monday, the traffic police, "the Newspaper" reported that even the automobile liability insurance policy is bound as the Trust will not be driving.

¬ЂThey are different documents. If you're holding is a certificate of registration has the keys and the car is not wanted, it is no reason to doubt that the car you are legally in the traffic police should not be ", - said Dmitry Leib.

CTP policies is proof that the car is insured and is a binding document, which must be the driver. If the driver's name is not recorded in the policy, then at him, according to Article 12.37 of the Administrative Code may be subject to a fine of from 300 to 500 rubles. Now for the lack of power of attorney, by Article 12.3 of the Administrative Code, a fine of $ 100. However, the traffic police inspector speculate allows other sanction under this article: the driver in the absence of a handwritten letter of attorney be removed from the control and the machine goes on to shtrafstoyanku evacuator.

the traffic police, explaining innovation, refer to the international experience, which is usually valid for a long time and confirm that this is another hand-written power of attorney document, which can be written out to himself than can benefit thieves . The ministry also said that the smaller the driver carries with him the documents, the better, recalling that recent list of required documents that need to carry a card ruled on passage of inspection - now the data on the technical condition of the car entered in the liability insurance policy tool.

Duma deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov, actively advocated the abolition of the power of attorney, assured "Gazetu.Ru" that the fate of the power of attorney will be resolved soon.

¬ЂThere is a proposal to the Prime Minister of this provision to exclude traffic - said Lysakov. - Also from the Administrative Code will remove the need for the driver to have a simple hand-written power of attorney. " According to him, all the legislative changes will have time to spend before the end of this year.

Chairman of the Movement of Russian Motorists Viktor Pokhmelkin believes that the power of attorney has long had to cancel, but it is not the main thing that bothers motorists.

¬ЂThe power of attorney is a rudiment - the expert said" ". - Nowhere in the world is the power of attorney to drive a vehicle, only to use the power of attorney. It really is a document that no one wants and is not interesting. However, a lot of other issues related to the rights of motorists, where you make the decision, for example, simplification of registration of the vehicle, I would have picked them better than the abolition of the power of attorney "- added Autoexpert.

Interior Ministry officials say the speed of the decision to abolish the power of attorney is now dependent on the government staff.

TEXT: Alexander bleak

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