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Top 3: how to survive on a scholarship in Rostov? . Coming

1 September, and with it the beginning of the school year. The city attracts students from all over the area ..

They again have to sit in the library, take tests and exams while competently lead a student budget. The costs for many students, and the official source of income, only one - scholarship. How to survive on a modest amount of government payments, correspondent told the fellows themselves.

is being spent?

modern student's budget much expenditure. In monthly expenses usually include a fee for an apartment or dorm, the cost of food, multiple copies of books, printed abstracts. Students - the people happy, so of spending on entertainment and acquire at least some of fashion too, do not need to forget. Meanwhile, the amount by which the unemployed can expect full-time students of the budget office, is not great.

В«Movers receive about 1,700 rubles successful, good smaller, - says Vladimir student. - With an outstanding scholarship does not pay, even if all peresdash no triples. "

Study, study and more time ... to work!

even on plain scholarship students living in a dormitory, an objective to survive in the big city will not work. Therefore the output of young people, only one - to seek alternative sources of income.

Rostov Most students looking for part-time work, and even arranged for a full day. Often this production of cash has a side effect - falling grades, growing corruption.

В«not yet seen such an employer, who gladly takes the student to work and let off into pairs and tests, but" McDonalds ", of course. Teachers, too, are in no hurry to enter the position. Therefore, students who work there are inevitably "tails." So we have to give part of his salary in a white envelope through stakeholder recalcitrant teachers ", - says Vladimir.

Those who do not want to sacrifice the estimates in favor of financial health, have to rely on parental support and save. Student resourcefulness with offers very many goods and services cheaper.

В«In my students we saved on what could - says SFU graduate Maria. - Diet - is, of course, in the first place. Even break the law - bought at kiosks student crust on them and paid less in the bus fare. Benefit could pass for odinnadtsatiklassnits! Some were caught and required to pay the full fare. "

Be smarter!

Meanwhile, students of Rostov is quite formal, legitimate sources of income and prestige. The region has a number of assets, ready to support the best of the best. According to the press service of the Southern Federal University, Don students can receive multiple grants:

View Scholarship

maximum amount of monthly payments in rubles

Terms of payment



lack of triples on the session



average family income per person should not exceed the cost of living



competitive selection



competitive selection



competitive selection

Scholarship of "Philip Morris"


competitive selection

Governor's Award


competitive selection

Scholarship Bank "Center-Invest"

lump sum - 20 000

competitive selection

For the participation in the tender for the payment of individual scholarships is available at the dean's office of any department. The basic requirement for all applicants - good grades, no "tail", initiative and the availability of fresh ideas

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