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United Russia have refused to discuss the issue of African swine fever.

Members of the party "United Russia" at a meeting of the Volgograd Regional Duma refused to discuss the issue of African swine fever in the region ..

According to the press service of the Communist Party faction in the Volgograd Oblast Duma, today at an extraordinary meeting of the Volgograd Regional Duma of the Communist Party faction leader Nikolai Parshin raised by "popular unrest in Svetloyarsky area due to the slaughter of pigs."

Communist MP suggested to colleagues for Thursday parliamentary hour and invite representatives of the executive power, the Veterinary Service for clarification.

В«The situation has reached a critical point. A little while, and the villagers take up their pitchforks - to protect themselves and their children, once the power is idle. Then, as a struggle with African swine fever in the villages, more like tyranny. People do not understand, why destroy healthy pigs. They ask questions, and no they did not even try to answer.

Yes there villagers - we as MPs do not own the full unofficial! Insist that in the coming Thursday, we have discussed this topic with representatives of the executive branch at the extraordinary parliamentary hour ", - the head of the Communist faction Nikolai Parshin.

United Russia deputies did not support the proposal. Moreover, the accused communist that he "gets people" for no reason.

В«utter nonsense ... I have not been on holiday for the area was ... I can not name a single village, and was in every ... I met with people ... Has already begun to pay compensation, go to the place ... on the fork lift people do not ... Do not bring the people, "- said in response to the chairman of the Duma committee on social policy Irina Guseva.

By the way, delayed compensation - another annoying factor for villagers. Today, out of 164 million rubles allocated for the payment of damages, in fact given the villagers, only about 51 million. In addition, the yield per kilogram 84 rubles - both adult pigs, and for the pig, that is, there is no difference in price.

According to the deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Agrarian Policy and Natural Resources Anatoly Galichkina according to the instructions on measures to prevent and eliminate the African swine fever in the first endangered zone in which there is also Svetloyarsky area, the population should buy pigs and send them to a specialist meat-packing plants. "There's meat processed for boiled and boiled-smoked sausages or canned varieties. As for us all killed, citing the lack of specialized slaughterhouses, "- said the deputy.

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