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We saw "Krakatuk" before Muscovites.

In Stavropolski circus tour began its unusual theater-circus "Krakatuk" on grounds of Les Contes d'Hoffmann "The Nutcracker and Myshiny King."

Mysterious story of German writer had already visited and ballet and drama, and cartoons, and puppet shows. But "the theater-circus" it was not yet ever. For Russia - this is a completely new genre. "Krakatuk" - this show - costume, lighting, music, with lots of special effects. Complicate tricks are performed without any preparation of the audience, that is, there is no drum fractions and loud phrases like: "Attention, attention! The magnets." So, in this surprise and is all the charm of the theater-circus "Krakatuk. The actor takes off under the big top and all of a sudden jump from there without insurance. And it seems that he does it easily and naturally (although in fact a dangerous stunt).

Premiere Krakatuka was held last June in St. Petersburg.

This city was chosen not by chance. As you know, intellectual ÐÉÔÅÒÓËÁÑ public izbalovana very different shows, it is difficult to somehow surprise. And on that, will evaluate whether the residents of the northern capital of theater, circus "Krakatuk" could be judged and that there will be production in other cities. Pitertsy "Krakatuk took with delight. We had a program to show twice - in June and December. And both times - boards. However, the fact that "Krakatuk" is so popular in the city, due to the fact that most of the production team hails from St. Petersburg. For example, the director of the theater-circus Andrew Mighty. This name is familiar to and loved Petersburgers. A imperishable music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky presented in the play in modern-processing, again, St. Petersburg DJs and composers Oleg Gitarkina (author of the popular group "Knives for Frau Müller) and Igor Vdovina (who writes music for films Renata Litvinova). But Moscovites "Krakatuk" had not yet seen. In the capital, the premiere will be held in late September.

At a press conference for journalists stavropolskih general producer of the project, Oleg Chesnokov admitted that he heard from many artists who were in our city, on the originality of the Stavropol public. And added: "Originality in the best sense of the word. I hope stavropoltsy appreciate our creativity."

In Krakatuke "played by actors of a universal genre.

They can literally everything: to perform complex tricks, grimace, juggling, dancing ... By the way, the performance is not high-profile names. This principled position creators project. In the play involving the talented youth from across the country - from Moscow to Magadan. The main conditions for the casting was the availability of talent and a willingness to experiment. Young, bright, cheerful and, undoubtedly, a talented actor "Krakatuka" want to say thanks to separate. Endurance guys can envy. For instance, I could not get in the sense, as an actor, play the role of The Nutcracker, to about fifteen minutes, hanging upside down? It was evident that this is not easy, sweat from the artist literally tech city, but it was necessary for the performance, and it is - the law.

The sponsors say that "Krakatuk" - this show for all ages. But it added that it is most interesting to the public 16 - 30 years. So-called fashionable audience that in the classic circus, not running, but the avant-garde show visits with pleasure.

We can not say about the costumes. Kibermyshi with monitors in the head, huge fluffy rabbits, black pioneers, dvuhmetrovye "pupsiki" - all these characters are capable of hitting the imagination of even the most experienced audience. And when they come together in the film "Toy Parade", and on the stage and in the hall (with the audience "dolls" to talk with great pleasure) the explosion of emotions.

At the site of the project in the guest book many entries. For example, this: "I'm ecstatic! I would like once again to see this amazing show! I liked everything: costumes, music, actors, direction ... everything ..." But not all the audience with such enthusiasm to take "Krakatuk. Some people do not understand the idea of theater, circus. Oleg Chesnokov told that during a tour of St. Petersburg, one woman tried to bring an action against them in court, and even led the director to a duel. And here is another story - as one administrator approached the couple with the words of gratitude: "When you play, we got married. Thank you!"

Indeed, "Krakatuke" many beautiful and romantic scenes.

For example, when Maria and D. Young, nicknamed "The Nutcracker fly to the sky, passing performing acrobatic sophisticated studies (which, again, is not positioned as the stunts). "Krakatuk" - is primarily a play about love, its all-conquering force.

unusual, beautiful, strange, genius, masterful, hard, exciting, surprising, madly, impressive, fantastically - are just those few words, who wants to say about the theater-circus "Krakatuk. That we really have not seen. And it's always worth seeing! ..

Just the facts

On the establishment of the project were spent about 4 million dollars.

involved in the production of 37 actors and 20 technical assistants.

In Krakatuke "is used approximately 180 costumes.

specifically for the play was developed by special flooring, which is the stage, large screen for film and video and unique basis for the laser and pyrotechnic effects.

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