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Sergey Lazarev and Lera Kudryavtseva no longer a couple.

Sergey Lazarev and Lera Kudryavtseva officially confirmed that they broke up after five-year relationship. .

Rumors that their romance was over, there were about a year, but Lera and Sergey denied everything, saying that just going through a difficult period in the relationship.

But their romance yet come to an end, with the news Kudryavtseva Lazarev and stored for several months in secret so as not to upset their audience, who were waiting their appearance on the stage of the "New Wave" in Jurmala as the permanent hosts of the . And now they have decided to recognize the failure of the novel and to the fans not to portray a false passion.

"We broke up in the early summer, but did not want to make dramatic statements - said Lazarev. - And so too crept into our lives, not allowing just quietly enjoying each other and to love.

Every step we considered as a magnifying glass. Frankly, such pressure - this test for a relationship. It so happens that love is and must find the courage to admit it and let go of each other. Leroy always be my boyfriend. I know that she's happy, and so happy I did. Life goes on. "

Recall that in July of last year was very difficult for the couple: in early pregnancy are common Leroy lost their child - a daughter, which they called love Nastya. Having gone through such tests, the couple parted on friendly terms. "Over the years we have become very close to each other people more than lovers, more than friends. But the specifics of our work and the constant trips gradually bring our relationship to a dead end - said Lehr. - This does not mean that we will cease to communicate and work together. We have no reason to disagree enemies, and we have nothing to share. "

rumored and Kudryavtseva, and Lazarev have already found new loves. Tweeted the singer called new passion ex-girlfriend a "normal guy", and he himself was unaware of the novel model with big tits, brunette, with whom he starred in a commercial for clothing brand TomFarr.

But Lera Kudryavtseva seem to regret parting with Sergey Lazarev. On her Twitter page in the photos appear regularly singer and romantic messages addressed to it.

Recently presenter published his picture and signed it:

"You can try not to write to him, do not call, try not to think about it ... but what kind of power you need to have in order not to go to his page."

This behavior Kudryavtseva shocked many, because the other day she showed her new chosen one - a young and promising hockey player Igor Makarov. Lera was flying to the offensive team SKA St. Petersburg for a day - then Makarov were gathering. Couple took a walk around the city, then it has published in its microblog photo report.

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