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Clerical outrage: ROC banned zombie parade.

In Omsk at the request of the Russian Orthodox Church banned "zombie parade", the organizers have filed for authority in court.

Administration banned Omsk "zombie parade" at the request of the local diocese ROC, reports "Interfax" referring to the initiator of the action Mikhail Yakovlev.

В«Administration of the Soviet District of Omsk not allowed to carry out a" parade zombie "after them made by representatives of Omsk and Tauris diocese with a letter in which they condemn such actions, talking about negative impact. I can not understand how all the diocese could affect the decision of the authorities, "- said Yakovlev.

He noted that already filed a lawsuit against the authorities, who have violated the constitutional rights of citizens.

В«We periodically perform such activities and on different subjects. And we will pursue. As an Orthodox man, I do not see in the "zombie parade" anything that would offend believers "- said Yakovlev.

He said that participating in the prosecution of the punk band Pussy Riot and refusal to conduct the "parade of zombies" in Omsk have common features.

В«And in the case of Pussy Riot, and in our case it is clear that the church became not only interfere in the affairs of state, but in criminal cases, and in the case of culture. And our event is exclusively cultural character. Nevertheless, our parade is not intended as a march in support of Pussy Riot В», - said Yakovlev.

Meanwhile advisor to the Administration of the Soviet District Omsk Konstantin Sayenko said that the reason for refusal of the "zombie parade" was a violation of the organizers of the deadline for submission of notice and lack of program activities.

Saenko confirmed that the administration came to handling public organizations, citizens and Omsk and Tauris diocese who believe holding "zombie parade" violation of civil rights.

В«According to the diocese, the scene with bloody clothes can harm the health of citizens and impressionable children," - he said.

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