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Mature Lover: old age in happiness? .

First, we need to decide: who is this mature man ..

For 16-year-old romantic young lady, and will fit 27-year-old middle manager, but for a 35-year-old lady? Remember, as in the unforgettable "Sex and the City" Samantha told Kerry about his new admirer: "I think he's not old yet. Him a little over 70, and takes into account many, many millions of dollars."

Get off at the fact that we assume a mature man contingent conditional 50 years, held, and who knows his worth. Because the male, and female maturity, is determined not only by age.

So, what plot twists you cook with someone about your parents' age. Let's start with the hazards - what if you change your mind?

Why is there no

1. Not the fact that you - not just another way to overcome its next crisis, "middle age" and therefore a serious relationship, he may be ready about the same as your old boyfriend, contemporary, drawing boring bagpipes for five years - that is, does .

2. Sometimes mature men deliberately seek out girls much younger than himself, to try to overcome their old failure and possible complexes. The good news about his strange sexual preferences you will be known after the first time. The bad: you have to feel like a heroine of a bad play when he asks you to spank him on the ass shoes, saying, "Poor boy, you broke a jar of jam".

3. About how much to you he had a wife, as there are children and possibly grandchildren, you will only be surmised. Do you want to live in peace - not a backwater on this question. But it may happen that he will begin to tell you about their adult children and share their family problems. Resign yourself - it was before you a lifetime. And probably not alone.

4. Health at your "new old" lover may already be wrong. Be prepared for unexpected vzbrykam his body, and in any case, remember the phone an ambulance.

5. His gray hair is gray, not only on the head. Just know about it.

6. Public opinion has not been canceled. So get ready, that your parents at least with a creak and a maximum - with scandals accept your new hobby. Are you prepared that your dad will be his former classmate, for example? Or the first husband of his second wife? And in the evening, they will enter dating drink brandy in your kitchen and remember the past exploits.

Neighbors and friends are sworn to gloat about the fact that, well, fresher and better than anyone you have not found it.

7. Joint party with him and your friends will have to forget - hardly your young and divorced a long time in the company's solid stand uncles who know a lot about brandy and discussing real estate prices.

8. You'll have to adjust to his age and habits. Maybe he will not approve your T-shirts with playful pups, worn-out sneakers and light-hearted short dresses.

9. If you are all seriously, on the eve of an important decision, imagine your life together after 5, 10 and 20 years. Do not twitch? Then good luck! After all, if these disadvantages are not a barrier, you can be congratulated on a good prize. Because the advantages of such relationships may have more weight and fat, than the above disadvantages.

Why yes

1. He knows exactly what do you want what he wants he is, and how to make it as pleasant as possible. He does not need to explain what a clitoris is and what it is at 3 cm below the point which he thought so until this.

2. In adulthood, according to the laws of the dialectic of sex turns into quality, and, according to eyewitnesses, you are guaranteed the most amazing orgasms.

3. You do not have to wait until he finishes learn / find a new job / career will finally do. He already has a career, social and professional recognition, and now, as they say, it is time to "think of their souls." He has for you the time and desire.

4. A light veil of his father's tutelage, is present in such a relationship can only be helpful. After all, who would not be pleasant indulgent paternal care?

5. With him is interesting: he is smarter and more experienced than you. And among other things, you will definitely be something to learn from him.

6. He knows how to look after and make really nice gesture. He will not give you a long single red roses in cellophane intestine. He not only knows what the best flowers - it's diamonds, but also gives them to you.

7. He will never be jealous because of your rave and more successful career. Quite the contrary - his experience and knowledge can be for you a good incentive for self-development and upward movement in all directions.

8. He certainly knows how to dance. Do not jump to disperse the crowd from the stage during the ska-punk concert and dance. Waltz and Tango. Or a combination of both. And that's fine.

9. If you get married / start to live together, it is unlikely to change dramatically and become an ardent young man of gentle acquiescence in Khmyrov, crack dumplings front of the TV. He formed the character, and if you take it for what it is, it will present no surprises to you in a couple of years.

10. You'll always be for him a young and defenseless girl. Even at 50.

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