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Half of the Rostov property adverts - pacifiers.

Probably everyone who has ever attended to in the life of the purchase or rental of housing, calling for alluring ad, heard: "Oh, you know, this apartment, we have already sold. But we still have a lot of interesting options for you. Rather, come! ".

algorithm - the lie detector

My friend, wandereth down in search of a comfortable odnushki in the city center on a digestible price, said grimly: "I have no nerves at these realtors do not. Where not to call, anywhere all leased and sold, come and talk, I have no time for it. I want to give me information about a particular house, so I knew exactly what to expect. I have a feeling that our real estate market offers interesting I just do not. "

As it turned out, my friend is not so far from reality. The reliability of ads - one of the major problems in the property market, particularly in the rental market. According to the staff

В«Yandeks.Nedvizhimosti", Rostov on the market is now around 40% of real estate ads that are questionable.

found out this by using a new algorithm for determining the quality of your tenancy in the capital and the Don region. The algorithm analyzes not only the content of ads, but the logic of their placement. As promised the representatives of the service, users can now see how the proposals can be trusted, and how - not worth it. When searching for an apartment, you can see the mark "authentically", if the algorithm approved housing.

В«There are many factors on which the system automatically determines the reliability of the ad - said the head of service" Yandeks.Nedvizhimost "Sergei Romensky. - Are taken into account and the parameters themselves ad, and the behavior of real estate agency, which places them. For example, if the price in the ad about renting an apartment is much lower than the average in this area, it is likely that it is placed solely to attract attention. Our algorithms automatically mark these sentences as false. Another example - when the agency publishes a lot of ads with photos and characteristics identical apartments in different parts of the city. "

errors, of course, can not be excluded, because even sophisticated computers can make mistakes, especially when it comes to such non-obvious things like ads on the real estate market.

В«We had a lot of work for each region to set up our algorithms are optimal, and is now likely that we will identify unreliable message - more than 80%, - Sergey continues Romensky. - Each user can take part in assessing the quality of ads. For example, if after communicating with the realtor was that the information in the ad is untrue - it is possible to complain about: it is a special button in the interface. "

And in the "network" of "Yandex" includes virtually all the specialized sites. Real Estate listings in Rostov-on-Don and Rostov region "Yandex" collects from 47 sites.

Why fake ads, and how to recognize them

В«These ads are placed almost all real estate agents, it is common practice to Rostov - said I knew a real estate agent who has decided not to reveal his name. - This is a very effective advertising. It creates the appearance of a large database, a large real estate company. The purpose of creating a "dummy" to attract more customers. The main thing is to separate them properly, make sure that appropriate accommodations are definitely in the database. "

В«We have ways to attract buyers and tenants do not use - do not agree with my counterpart, advertising manager of LLC" Southern Real Estate Agency "Natalia Saenko. - We have a fairly large database, and these tricks - for beginners and small companies. "

В«If you come across a posting like" for rent studio apartment in the center, renovation, 10,000 "- alert - advises manager of the Academy of Sciences" Geneva "Eugene smoking. - There are prices for such housing is not available. Before you look for an apartment, find out the average prices for flats you need to Rostov market. In addition, offering real-world objects, the agency usually provides a few photos. If your ad is one blurry photo - it causes some doubt. "

Be vigilant and not fall into the trap would-be real estate agents - real estate market in the Rostov plenty of real objects, among which you can choose the one that suits you in every way.

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