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Negligence of the investigator in the murder of Anna Prokopenko.

Employees of the unit continues the investigation department of inspection performance management officials for timely initiation of criminal proceedings against Vladimir Ambartsumova on the fact of rape them 3 July 18-year-old virgin.

In addition, the department to investigate the critical Affairs Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Stavropol Territory is carried out procedural checks on the above facts.

Under the circumstances of testing are clarified in the treatment of the injured Piatigorsky Interdistrict Investigation Department and the conduct of its investigation verification statement.

has now been established that the investigator on duty July 7 Piatigorsky Interdistrict Investigation Department of the duty of the Department of the Interior Ministry of Russia in the city of Pyatigorsk was reported that you are in hospital in the city hospital 18-year-old girl reported the rape of a man little known by the name of Vladimir on July 3.

the same day, the investigator made an oral statement from a girl, what was the protocol and registered in the ledger reports of crimes.

In a survey of the complainant reported that on June 30 met in a social network with a young man by the name of Roman, which met on the street every day, and at his home. Subsequently, she began to call his uncle Roman and propose a meeting, to which she replied denial, but then agreed to meet with him in the presence of Roman.

"July 3 she came alone to the house of Roman and Vladimir, where together with a mixture of them made use of drug" Spice ", and then fainted, and when it came to, found that Vladimir against her will, commits a sexual act with her, - reported in the investigation department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Stavropol Territory. - When she tried to call for help, Ambartsumov hit her twice with his hand over his face. In this case the resistance she has not. Subsequently, she themselves towards the house, but on the way she became ill again, due to which passers-by brought her to the ambulance. This medical staff and passers-by, she said that she was put into a car and beaten by unknown persons on the head. until the next day, when giving explanation of the circumstances of a police officer beating her, the girl reported that she was raped, but refused to write a statement and asked no one to prosecute. In accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation Criminal cases of rape are not otherwise at the request of the victim. "

Immediately after the application was carried out inspection of the scene, and appointed a forensic investigation, and the applicant refused to be examined by the expert in order to establish her injury in the genital area, that could confirm or deny the fact of sexual violence. In this regard, studied medical records of finding her in hospital, including documents for inspection of her gynecologist, according to which bodily injury, evidence of the rape, she was found.

As soon as possible were identified by Roman and Vladimir (Ambartsumova), they were brought to the investigative division and the survey confirmed their familiarity with the applicant, but both have denied committing against her sexual violence.

As reported by the investigative committee, the conclusion of a forensic expert was prepared and received by August 1 this year, according to which the girl was diagnosed a closed head injury. Given sufficient data, pointing to signs of a crime and confirmed physical abuse, the same day for Ambartsumova was prosecuted on the grounds of an offense under paragraph "b" of Part 4 of Art. 131 of the Criminal Code, paragraph "b" of Part 4 of Art. 131 of the Criminal Code.

thus established in the audit data to date do not suggest an abuse investigator Piatigorsky Interdistrict Investigation Department Criminal Procedure Code.

Final conclusions will be made after all required verification activities.

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