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Yelena Khanga changed partner.

We already wrote that the conflict between the two leading popular talk show "The principle of domino Hangoy Elena and Elena Ischeevoy led to the dismissal of the last of the program.

First Ischeevu wanted to replace the lead male, and even find suitable candidates - Dmitry Zhelobkova, but eventually the "domino principle" does not have, and became soveduschey Elena Starostina.

U Helena Starostin already have experience of working in television: it was daily "news" on ORT, "Business Russia" on RTR, two and a half years has been on the TVC in the transmission " Date ", which always exists only in a live broadcast. Last year Elena was sitting without work, so in July when she phoned from NTV and offered to try to second leading role, she was very pleased, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

"I said to them: I am a great pleasure, but you already have a blondina? thought joke on me. A they answer: you, we are looking for a girl. I have to talk to podsadnym guest on "The wife earns more." After a month perezvanivayut me and say: Lena - so you! I was just mchalas at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour on the District the way to the extreme left lane. In one hand hold the phone and think, how would delight the accident did not make, "- says Elena.

Asked whether it was previously known Hangoy Elena, Elena Starostina responded this way: "Well, at the level of" zdraste.

And I was once a guest В«PrincipleВ« Domino В». I was invited, so I told something about boorishness.

I povedala history, I once in the air nahamil Sadalsky.

Starostina not afraid that it will begin to compare with Ischeevoy. "No, we do not like - said Helen. - But now with Hangoy, I think we have a perfect couple. We like the same music - we are both delighted by jazzman Sergei Manoukyan. And we like to relax the same way: based on the sea, under the sun, as sausages. And most importantly, we both - Taurus. I, when they are discovered, terribly glad. I already had a partner Taurus. They are very good. Do not cover themselves peretyagivayut.

Stylists going to correct the image of a little Elena Starostina, but she refused: "At first they wanted me to cut. But I told them: girls, let's leave all as it is.

I am probably the only one who works one's hair in the air.

If hair uhozheny and organically, why to change anything? "

first live Starostin dalsya easy, but it is not yet accustomed to the new conditions of work. "While Wall nerodnye studio for me, and I do not feel up to the late master of the situation - is recognized TV. - I think that I am in an aquarium. You need to destroy the wall to become a free and calm as Helen Khanga. I think that in a couple of This week I have received. "

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