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Again, take a towel ....

The Russian comes the continuation of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" Jon coenzyme.

Leaves Russian translation continuation of the cult novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", composed by the author of children's detective Jon Fowler Artemiuse Colfer with the permission of the widow of Douglas Adams and incomprehensible to anyone.

Douglas Adams can not be blamed for the fact that he does not completed the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." He tried as best he could: sprained trilogy of five books and in the final erased Earth and all its inhabitants in all possible dimensions - is not the point? The last book "Mostly Harmless" was published in 1992, the author died in 2001, and, in general, it is impossible to say that it broke off in mid-sentence. But according to legend, shortly before his death, Adams said he would like the story ended for some more fun note, and even flirted with the sixth volume.

That was enough for a writer Jon Colfer, author of an infinite series of novels about a magical child prodigy Artemiuse Fowler to write a sequel, which nobody expected.

В«And here's another ..." was published in England in 2009, and I want to believe that publishers are a little thought before you transfer it in Russian. That is, for more than a vast fandom Adams was far greater gift to translate В«Don't Panic!В», Guidebook "Guide", penned a worthy successor of Neal Adams Geymanom. Colfer said in favor except that its official. He was officially chosen "heirs" in the form of the writer's widow Jane Belson, fully supported by advertising and publisher Penguin and released his novel to the thirty-year anniversary of the first book.

This is not the first operation "successor" in the English literature. Known, for example, the case, as in 1873 the spirit of Charles Dickens to Thomas James dictated the second volume of "Mystery of Edwin Drood."

And just a couple of years before Ian Fleming's heirs Colfer arranged a ride with the search for a worthy successor to James Bond, and extremely well Sebastian Faulks found.

novel "The Devil does not like to wait," was released officially May 28, 2008, the day of Ian Fleming's century, and though the parody is of the character transfers watch brands and the horsepower of his car, in fact no worse than the original. Folks were just - Fleming, with all due respect, was not such a good writer. But Douglas Adams was a brilliant writer. The blessings of the widow - yes, though not believing in an afterlife Adams would be an addition to the light, to baptize Colfer to succeed - not enough to turn a writer of children's fiction detective novels in the author about the structure of life, the universe and everything.

And it can not say that applies to Adams Colfer without due reverence. He has it, that is, fully studied.

Then you and the Babylonian fish and vogony with their paperwork. And unbalanced god Thor, and blue suede shoes Ford, and a variety of fun psychotropic substances, such as "Dragon Kick", compared to which "Pangalatichesky gryzloder" seem little water liquid. In fact, the universe will adamsovskoy here so much that they significantly inhibit the action. "And here's another ..." begins where "Mostly Harmless" ends: Trillian, Random, Ford and Arthur in anticipation of how they, together with the entire planet Earth, will destroy the green ray. To save the heroes need to make an intergalactic jump: and here you have to one hundredth page, and they are still there, and death ray is chosen closer, closer, closer. And the author of all the annoying chatter of his readers - and here's another joke about vogonov, but more of a reality show in the Tas-Sirius' latest behemoth, "but was still the case, but still ...

But in so carefully recreated the interiors of the world Adams still refuses to come to life.

Heroes is turning into what might be in the original books, but never have: Trillian - overdressed careerist, Arthur - a dreary bore , Ford, Zaphod with - a couple of pompous stoned idiots. Re-glued the galaxy does not work, because Colfer, carefully copying the tricks of Adams, not even trying to give her something to the human story. For the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 'book is very earthly. It's about the fact that Elvis is alive, and middle managers of any terrible cosmic rays. It is - take it higher - about loneliness in the universe, about the hero in search of home, the diversity of the world and the fragile vulnerability of the human species. Colfer also begins with the fact that without any remorse washes the earth into powder, and enjoys inventing more and more new funny parts, bizarre aliens and fun occasions. He obviously think it's funny and he tries hard to be funny.

But somehow, no joke Colfer is not able to cause a smile.

Perhaps because, having started the salvation of the characters, it actually turns them into a wooden dummy, thus ruthlessly murdered.

В«We do not need to save the world - the world has grown very well and take care of itself - said Adams in his last speech before his death. - The question is, can a world in which we live and continue to tolerate our presence in it. That's about it and should think. " In the last century fantasies of other worlds were a way to talk to our readers about the world. After all, God's Final Message to the creations of sounds like "Forgive us for the trouble," and there really is enough cause for alarm. Colfer is either not addressed at this level of moralizing, or simply not capable of it, that in any case makes reading his books rather pointless activity.

TEXT: Lisa Birger

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