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In Rostov bicycle boom.

Despite the lack of bicycle paths, two-wheeled transport in the capital of the Don is becoming more popular.

Rostov on the roads is becoming more and more bikes. Freedom of movement, the ability to go around numerous jams, trim athletic figure - the benefits of unconditional two-wheeled transport. But despite the wide popularity high, in the capital of the Don is not going to make life easier for their owners - promised by the mayor's office specialized track will remain a dream, at least for the next few years.

on cycle tracks will have to forget

The fact that cyclists will allocate space on the roads, say two years - since 2010. The idea of transplanting Rostovites on environmentally friendly and healthy transport seriously discussed in the administration of the city. Bicycle path should appear in the prospectus and Nagibina strikes - where to ride a two-wheeled transport, the most difficult. But after much discussion and agreement with velosoobschestvom Rostov officials suddenly changed their minds.

- Hand on heart, I must say that the bicycle - not an alternative to the car and pedestrian traffic. He is good, or in third world countries, where many can not afford to buy a car, or where in the city center, there are serious limitations to traffic - said the deputy mayor position of the authorities in Rostov on Transport and Roads Vladislav Maksimenko.

According Maksymenko, the density of traffic flows in Rostov is that cyclists riding along main roads, have to constantly breathe carbon monoxide, which does not benefit their health.

This decision provoked outrage among the Rostov cyclists who dreamed of the possibility of driving without a clear threat to life.

bike buyers become more

Despite the lack of special lanes, Rostov cyclists regularly risk their health and breathe exhaust fumes, riding on city roads. And in the sports shops in the city continue to choose high. Moreover, according to vendors, this year the number wishing to purchase a two-wheeled vehicles, compared with last year increased by about half.

- Bicycles selected for country walks and for the movement in the city. On the roads of the capital of two-wheeled friend Don is especially valuable during peak hours - you can reach your home or office is several times faster than public transport - told the store manager "Sportmaster" Alexander.

Rostov sports shops proposed a two-wheeled transport is divided into three groups. Those who are just learning to pedal, it is advised to choose an entry-level bikes. Usually, this apparatus with a steel frame and the simplest equipment. They are intended to travel to the country and short walks.

more or less get on the road bikes offer a semi-professional level.

there and expensive apparatus for the pros. This is a model with a front shock absorber for the ride on rough terrain, jumping bikes with dual suspension and disc brakes or mountain (Mountain bikes).

Rostov, who do not want to buy a bike, it can be rented. In the capital of the Don there is a point at which the great issue at a time. Typically, this option are people who want to go on bike ride for the weekend.


entry level bikes in Rostov can be found for 3600 rubles. In the semi will have to pay 8 - 10 thousand rubles. And the price on the model for the pros - 12 - 27 000 rubles.

amount you will have to pay for the rental of a bicycle, too, depends on his level. So great to use, entry-level offering for 250 rubles a day, walking - for 350 rubles, and for the sport will have to pay 450 rubles a day.

What about them?

desire to make cities cleaner leads to the fact that the European capitals are increasingly developing cycling. Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Paris, London and Vienna are competing for the title of cycling capital Evropy.V Berlin, there are about two thousand bicycles, hire out. In the German capital operate 80 automated points of the lease.

Vienna offers to rent the thousands of modern bikes. They can be found on any of the 60 bicycle stations operating around the clock city.

Brussels rental scheme operates Villo. Currently, 180 rental stations offer to rent a bike from 2.5 thousand.

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