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Evacuate all of them - for the sake of Moscow!.

The city authorities are preparing a mass evacuation of vehicles violating the parking rules.

City authorities organized on a regular basis of large-scale evacuation of vehicles violating the parking rules. The Moscow City Government to move to attract private organizations, and the number of transported vehicles will increase significantly. Evacuation itself will be paid. In addition, up to 5,000 rubles will increase the fine for parking a vehicle without Gosznak visually or with a modified number.

Moscow City Council at a meeting on Wednesday adopted a law "On the order of movement of vehicles on a dedicated parking, storage, cover the costs of moving and storage and return transport funds in the city of Moscow. " Already this year, residents of the capital will have to pay out of pocket for the evacuation and the first day of storage of the car. Now these costs are paid from the municipal budget. Evacuation of a car costing the treasury in 6600 rubles. In the department of transport and road transport infrastructure in Moscow "" said the fee for the evacuation of the drivers will be significantly lower than that currently paid by the city, the exact amount will be determined in the coming days.

in the evacuation of Petersburg car now costs 2700 rubles, and in Moscow before the abolition of fees for the movement in 2008, took power with the 1806 drivers' rubles.

In addition, cars can now move not only the structure of the state, "Urban service moving vehicle" (GSPTS), and other private organizations. They are listed together with a list of specialized parking lots will be determined by the Moscow government and posted on the Internet.

Special parking will now be responsible for the storage of vehicles and to compensate the damage caused when moving or in case of theft of the car.

charging for the storage of the vehicle at the car pound is not hourly, as now, but daily. The first day of storage will remain free. At the moment the second and third days of finding machines on the car pound cost 40 rubles per hour. Starting from the fourth day - 80 per hour. "There is a maximum amount: it is the equivalent of two months' storage of cars in the parking lot and makes 111 316 rubles", - said "" in GSPTS. The ministry also suggested that due to new laws have rates rise.

now daily on the roads out of Moscow at least 75 tow trucks. The service operates around the clock in two shifts. Cars move at 14 shtrafstoyanok, their number will also be substantially increased.

In 2011 in Moscow, the service was delayed evacuation of 134,263 cars.

Of these, 69,183 cars were taken to spetsstoyanku and 65,080 simply transposed to other places due to road works, public events or passages of senior officials . At the same time 4651 was carried out with the towing vehicle will eat on the spot if the driver had to go back to the car drove away.

Number of transported vehicles may increase by several times, so as to join GSPTS several commercial organizations on the movement of vehicles.

В«There will be a big splash (moving cars. -" Times "), because it introduced a new law on fines, so the administration will increase , "- said" "a source in the department of transportation.

He added that tow trucks are working under the old rules, but in the next 20-25 days will sign all necessary documents, and new rules on fee evacuation vehicles will operate.

В«It's not about what we want to collect fines from you, and want to show that a parking space in the city should be managed and there will be consequences for it, - said an official in the City Hall. -

We had been warned that it would be tougher. Guys, let us observe the traffic rules, respect each other and to park in places that are designed for this purpose. Paid parking is now empty - now use. "

In addition, on Wednesday the Moscow City Duma deputies adopted in first reading a bill that adds Administrative Code Article 8.14, "Placement of the vehicle on a city parking violations of the rules of usage municipal parking lots. " According to the document, for violation of parking a vehicle without a state license plates (or if the curtained room, such as cloth) car owner faces a fine of 5,000 rubles. "Any visual change rooms is a violation," - explained in the department of transportation. The department "" explained that if an employee or a DPS traffic management center will notice a car, it will tow a car and drive you to the car pound. Recall now patrolling the city 100 special vehicles that automatically record the violation.

President of the Board of Legal Protection of car owners Travin Victor believes that the government promised mass evacuation vehicles can cause a surge in popular indignation. "Even now, in the summer, when the cars in Moscow has become much smaller, there is no place to park anyway - Travin says" " - Imagine that begin in September, when all return from leave. For one offense, that people, in fact, made an emergency, they will have to pay about ten thousand rubles for a fine and evacuation. Politically, the big war will begin. "

According to experts, only to provoke a mass evacuation of more congestion.

В«Anyone whose car evacuating, will ride in the traffic police, to pay fines, go to the parking lot - says Travin. - It will have to hire a car or take it from a neighbor. It is not hard to imagine that a daily evacuation of the five or six thousand cars will provoke a lot of completely unnecessary town trips. As a result, it is much more expensive than if the offender that stood quietly as he should, and rode away with a penalty. "

From July 1, amendments to the Administrative Code, toughening penalties for parking, driving lanes for public transport. In Moscow and St. Petersburg for violation of stopping or parking for drivers face a fine of 3,000 rubles.

TEXT: Eugene Shipilov, Anatoly Karavaev

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