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Preparing for anal sex: tips pornstars.
Fisting: technique, posture, and other useful tips.
In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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7 tips for a perfect sex with a new partner.

Sometimes, anticipating a passionate night of love with an amazing guy, we have no idea how boring and monotonous sex can be ..

Order not to give up, learn some useful tips.

Do not draw a perfect picture in your mind where you are - a lioness, seductress, and he - the hero-lover. Use the richness of his imagination better than a little differently. Think not about how "it" will happen, but as you ought to "this" to prepare.

1. Underwear

It is not necessary to run a sex shop and buy yourself an incredible sexy suit or shorts with a gun. Let this be a beautiful lacy underwear with no frills. A leather pants you can buy, just making sure that it does not shock your chosen one.

2. Initiative

Many men love women's action, moreover, the dream of a girl takes a dominant role in sex. But, on a first date should not immediately jump to the attack. Give him a chance to seduce you.

3. Flavor

some toilet water has a sharp odor that breathed it, man is nothing like it. Use a light, feminine, slightly subtle flavors.

4. Condom

Men are such scattered ... Suppose you have in your purse always lies some condoms. Admit it, it will be very sad if in the midst of passion turns out that he forgot to buy them.

5. Joint Shower

First, after taking a shower you'll feel more confident, and secondly, sharing a shower is a great prelude to sex.

6. Do not hide that you agree

Do not make the impression that sex is not too interested in you, and indeed, that you - unapproachable woman. Believe me, it does not inflame his desires. It's one thing to play, flirt, show a certain lack of access during the first meeting or dating, and another thing - just before sex.

7. Show him what you need

You have sex for pleasure? Then do not hesitate to show your partner that it gets you, how do you like best. Explain this easily, unobtrusively, movements or words.

And remember, if your first time did not seem fantastic to you, it does not mean that the second will be the same. Understanding the sex comes with time. Therefore, trains, and have fun.

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