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The world's first trachea transplant operation with the larynx.

The Regional Hospital (CMC), named after Professor Ochapovsky was Russia's first operation to transplant an artificial trachea and larynx of using cells of the patient ..

Two unique operation to transplant an artificial trachea with the patient's own cells the doctors held this week in Krasnodar, told reporters on Friday, chief physician of the Krasnodar Regional Hospital (CMC)  1, Corresponding Member of RAMS Vladimir flutter.

So, on Tuesday, flutter and a professor of regenerative surgery at the Karolinska Institute, Paolo Macchiarini (Stockholm, Sweden) performed the world's first transplant of artificial trachea and larynx of using the patient's own cells. And on Thursday, doctors performed surgery to transplant an artificial trachea resident of Rostov region.

Macchiarini - the author of a method and transplantation of the trachea using the technology of regenerative medicine. He has already spent more than a dozen such operations.

Macchiarini In 2011, together with the Kuban State Medical University and CMC megagrant won the Russian government to carry out research, clinical and educational project in the regeneration of the respiratory tract and lung, the result of which should be creation of the country's first international center for Regenerative Medicine, explained the press service of medical institutions.

Both patients who have had these unique operations at the time of the accident victims. Now they have complications, doctors do not watch, and said flutter.

patient Julia, which was operated on Tuesday, Friday went to the representatives of the scientific community and the media and said that he feels good and does not feel artificial trachea. "I noticed it immediately as my own" - the woman said, adding that the operation did not cost her a dime.

After a car accident, the patient has formed cicatricial stenosis of the trachea, because of which there were serious difficulties with breathing and speech. She had several surgeries on the trachea, which did not give significant results, further worsened the condition. This transplant became her only chance of cure and normal life.

artificial trachea, prepared for transplantation in the Krasnodar Regional Hospital named S.V.Ochapovskogo

This patient, doctors transplanted a trachea that was created based on the framework of the nanocomposite material, seeded own cells isolated from bone marrow, the report says the hospital boundary. Preparation for this most complex transplant took more than six months.

"created bioprosthesis - an exact copy of the trachea and the larynx of the patient - to replace the affected organ and to avoid rejection. Looks like a tube of elastic-plastic, while the porous material on which the sow patient's own cells derived from bone marrow. then this design is placed in a bioreactor where the cells attach to the frame. within 48 hours form the basis of the trachea. In the future the patient it not only rejects, but rather transplanted organ itself starts to "adjust "under the new conditions," - said in a statement.

Work on "seeding frame" conducted laboratory specialists CMC, which took place in training at the Karolinska Institute.

"A unique prosthesis, which has been soaked in a day patient cells. In this miracle. Both operations were successful, the patients walk and talk" - told flutter.

In turn, Professor Macchiarini says that from a surgical point of view of the Krasnodar Hospital, in particular, flutter, can independently carry out such operations.

"But all the technology knowledge and seeding the prosthesis stem cells - is something that is not perfect and needs to develop. Even I and my team have to learn a lot," - said Macchiarini.

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