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Boris Grebenshchikov: Stavropol - a strange and interesting city. "

The phenomenon of our city in the Russian rock legend Boris Grebenshchikov always occurs in connection with its ordinary jubilee.

last time he visited us in connection with its 45 th anniversary this year, came in connection with the 50 th anniversary. Jubilee tour place in many cities and vesyam. And in each of them Grebenshikov awaits its audience.

This time Grebenshikov arrived during the day, and it does not bother anybody.

All came to the concert were a true delight. Since BG he sang not only their shedevralnye works, but even one of the songs of Victor Tsoi "Mama-anarchy" than overwhelmingly pleased the fans.

Among the spectators was a lot of very young people. It struck even the PC. At a press conference he shared it with reporters.

- Stavropol - a strange and interesting city - mysteriously said Boris. Thought its never explained. At the time of Grebenshikov sitting posture in a Tibetan monk and constantly poglazhival its borodku-kosichku, which was vpleten bell on a gold nitochke. Asked whether his departure in a kind of Buddhist protest, BG replied:

- Neither I nor the musicians of the "Aquarium" has never been voices of protest. We lived a normal life, and for this we felt podpolschikami, but we were not podpolschikami. And earlier, and now I'm just interested in playing music, to sing what I feel myself. And better than I do, so I find it interesting. Stand on your head and protknut guitar column can, but you need to know what you are doing.

- you become a legend in our country, recorded many albums. Remained you something nerealizovannoe in terms of music?

- The fact that I became a legend in the country, which means this country. I personally do not perceive themselves as such. A musical material I have so much that last for another 100 years. This year alone, I can release 9 albums. But it is quite difficult, if 3 will be released, it is already good. To show business I was not involved, just do what I want, but for me it is still money to pay.

- you prefer to work in the studio or live?

- in the studio. There, you can always do something more. While the concerts, we always include improvisation, otherwise simply does not exist. The repertoire varies from statement to statement.

The older I become, so I prefer to speak in front of an audience before so I am not very fond of.

Unlike most rock musicians, who like big crowds and the track heated beer fans, BG preferred club concerts.

- I love seeing all the people who came to me. In addition to chamber music venues sound better.

Grebenshikov called for the concert, our city of the ancient Greek city of jazz, to the question why, BG explained:

- You have an ancient Greek city, the ancient Greek and jazz.

- young rock musicians to help you break on the stage?

- I think people are playing music, not to break, otherwise it is the quarry.

need talent, and talent to identify other ways. When you receive an interesting group around gradually formed a layer lovers, rumors circulated about her, and it just pushed out.

I have not yet heard of any team that would be very talented, and lost in bezvestnosti.

Even the Beatles' Nowhere does not penetrate - they just worked like a horse. Yes the same "Mumiy Troll" or "Nautilus" - they have not pulled one.

- If you are the group that can be described as promising?

- I have not heard anything that I would be astounded. But I do not consider themselves lost perspective. I am 50 years old, and I feel I am not aging itself, but rather gaining momentum. So many thoughts and pending cases. I think that all I have yet to come.

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