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Bad girls - good lover?.

Uncommon to see crying ex-wives, bewilderment crying: "What have I done? ! "What it means for something worse, once their husbands go to the" it ". And most often it comes to sex ..

Sex forever!

Sex - one of the brightest and happiest moments in our lives. You've just got to know and close relationship to you - above all, they are top of everything! But gradually displaces the romantic impulses of life, love less and less attention to devote to each other, and sex becomes a duty or a habit. On a subconscious level we think so - we're together, it has already happened, what we are "affection." A few years of marriage and sex at all relegated to the most recent plan. And there are thousands of excuses - fatigue at work, kids, dinner, or not in the mood for a long time no see friends ... In general, the longer people are together, the more they are not up to sex.

But if you look at the truth, the tendency of life without sex ask a woman. Men by nature always want sex. They need it and there is nothing strange. Strange how just what a woman pretend to be their sex is absolutely no good. It is not surprising that men are looking for other women for whom sex is of interest. And do not call them "bad girls" are the best make out - they are a good lover! And they live on the principle of "sex-yes! "And always the case.

want sex for men

Variety One of your love for good sex is not enough. Love should be addressed. And the monotony of sex - a recipe for problems in the family. You say that the first meeting, burned with lust, that arise by itself. But it all goes away and we have to fight for diversity - a new place for sex, new positions, new images, and clothes, games - everything has to be a novelty.


Almost every man dreams of spontaneous sex. The reason is simple - if a woman is ready to drop everything and have sex with him - this is the best proof that this man is welcome. And what a man does not want to get this confirmation?


Another way to show your partner that you really want it. Men are always welcome initiative, but, unfortunately, women rarely show it.


Perfect sex - is when we can all! Everything that you want both of you. Sex has no place in moral prohibitions. But sex is required courage, adventurism and freedom. Full emancipation - the path to orgasm.

How bad girls

" Always know what the man wants. And no matter how you learn - guess inquired or check experimentally.

" Sex and ends up in bed, and starts in everyday communication. So, as you start and finish.

" Give a man a whole without a trace. Do not worry - you'll get for it three times.

" Do not expect a confession from the men in love. A man will express your feelings of actions.

Sex is separate from the rest of your life. Your arguments, problems and difficulties should not affect the sex.

" Your clothes should be such that the man wanted to take it off and take possession of you.

" Men like to feel like masters of life. So why do not you make your man was a master of the house, women, and the situation.

" Forget about morality, hysterics and shouts. Remember that men do not need to manage and even more so - to re-educate him.

And finally, if you want to be the best woman in the lives of your men, then the best way - to be not only a wife, mother and mistress, but a bad girl.

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