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Timothy Scandal vs Kirkorov.

Twitter-war that broke out yesterday between Timothy and Philip Kirkorov has caused much debate among the celebrities that live in the "Twitter." .

Spoke about the scandal, it seems everything from Dima Bilan to Ksenia Sobchak.

Thus, a position shared by the young artist presenter Vladimir Soloviev, singer and producer Oleg Gazmanov Joseph Prigogine. "Are all these were not even believe it. We just do not shavaet this exclusive beau monde, - husband of Valeria wrote. - Since when has the truth becomes a tin? What to say about politics, when in show business, forbidden to speak the truth? "" I do not mind, and not for @ fkirkorov. A man with a short memory behavior strongly permissive "- summed up Prigogine.

Following Timothy he allowed to address a couple of unflattering definitions Kirkorov: "He unbridled and unprincipled. Behaving provocatively. Artist of the talented, but as a person - a radish. "

Vladimir Solovyov and Oleg Gazmanov were more concise.

В«I agree with Timothy. Although better off without mata.Vot who would fight, "- wrote in the" Twitter "Soloviev has recently been criticized for Kirkorov's paternity. "A decent", - spoke the words of Timothy Gazmanov.

For the king of pop scene have stood his loyal associates Nicholas Basque and producer Yana Rudkovskaya. "The Golden Voice of Russia" shamed Timothy, writing off the incident to the attention of the young singer's thirst.

A Rudkovskaya even has got a tag # MillionZaKirkorova as opposed to the tag # filippdavaydosvidaniya, which appeared in Timothy microblog and hit the top "Twitter" reports "NTV".

Other stars have decided not to take sides, and spoke only about the very form of conflict. "Dear colleagues in the shop! Are you crazy is that all? How is that possible here, almost in a "live" to sort things out before our eyes.

Each has its own truth! There are SMS, phone calls! Do not you dare to insult each other here! "- Outraged Lera Kudryavtseva. Echoes and Sergey Lazarev: "Enough to pour dirt on each other at all!"

Some celebrities prefer to watch from the war, ironically on the subject. "The Philip Kirkorov and Timothy entertaining conversations on Twitter," - wrote the singer Alexey Goman. "Yes ... Timothy vs Kirkorov STE tin "- smiling pregnant Kate Gordon.

I could not remain silent and TV host Ksenia Sobchak. She was embroiled in a scandal with Muz-TV, when she was not allowed to conduct the ceremony, warned a week before the event.

about the current story, she spoke in her usual sarcastic manner: "What a hell is going on between the master and the king rhinestone tattoos? At home I have a lot of dishes and I still can not cook. Maybe the guys in the debate to call? Professional ethics in Russia today? "

recall, it all started with the fact that Timothy wrote his opinion on Muz-TV did not agree with its results. To this Philip replied: "Do you have any inquiries? The most honest? Last year I did not ask any questions! There prof.etika! "Timothy is instructed clearly did not like it, and he was not shy in terms which broke the whole speech in which he remembered about the case with a pink blouse, and the incident with the beating of a girl-producer on" Golden Gramophone ". "You who are the brains to learn to assemble, a scarecrow!" - This is the most gentle of the expressions that used the rapper (full version can be found in the "tweet" the singer). Finally, Timothy walked about the sexual orientation of Philip Kirkorov.

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