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Festivities at the "United Russia" in Volgograd .. over?.

In Volgograd, the official authorities ended an unauthorized gathering of people waiting outside the party "United Russia" in the street Sovetskaya, 11, in the Central district of Volgograd ..

Action was organized by activists of the movement "For Fair Elections." They were joined by representatives of the party "Other Russia" and members of the Union of Anarchists. The first to place an unauthorized rally, police officers arrived.

As it turned out, the political activists of the authorities announced the forthcoming event as a meeting of journalists, which greatly surprised the media. It is noteworthy that the latter, as well as people in police uniform, indeed, was more than the opposition, who came to express their dissatisfaction with yesterday's decision by the State Duma on increasing fines for their participation in public events.

On the proposal of law enforcement led by the head of the Ministry of Volgograd, Andrei Sitsskim disperse protesters unfurled a poster responded with the words "Yesterday was the shame of Russia."

representative of the party "Other Rosssiya" Leonid Makhinya openly stated that yesterday he angered the online broadcasting of the State Duma meeting, which adopted the law on penalties for the participants of rallies.

В«Yesterday my colleagues and I watched broadcast of the State Duma vote for one of federal channels, which was discontinued, and then again continued, - said Mr. Makhinya. - We have seen the outrage on the part of United Russia. 60 representatives of the party, despite the fact that there was no quorum, ran through the ranks and voted for others. All amendments to the "Fair Russia" put up for discussion, were rejected. In the end, was passed a draconian law, which is now the Federation Council should issue.

It provides for fines for participating in demonstrations. These fines are significantly higher than those paid for criminal offenses. We advocate legal methods of struggle, and power drives us into hiding. "

In a conversation with a politically active young people came chairman of the Volgograd Regional Duma deputy Vladimir Yefimov and Volgograd obldumy Vitaly Likhachev. And he and others noted that the law was adopted only for the benefit of civilians and violates no one's rights.

В«I have always argued as follows: in politics we have involved no more than one percent of the population. These are the people who really know what a law was passed yesterday, people who somehow can relate to. All the other people live their lives - said the deputy Vitaly obldumy Likhachev. - They want a peaceful sky over your head, do they want their children to work and live safely and comfortably.

adopted law - a law for people who want to second - to live peacefully. The law, in my opinion, prevents those riots, which we recently observed, for example, in England, when in London, the so-called opposition windows smashed and looted. The law is not opposed to the protesters or protesters, it is against chaos. "

After the speech, Mr. Yefimov custody order entered gathered in a tight circle. Traffic on the streets of the Soviet area has been temporarily suspended. After the end of the conversation of elected representatives of the opposition asked the police to disperse the last peaceful, until "things are not turned into an unsanctioned rally."

Detentions participants began when they began to make comments to the media. Thus, among the detainees was an activist of the International Union activists Boris Stikhin. A few minutes before that, he still managed to give reporters their opinions on what is happening.

В«The Russian Federation, in my opinion, frankly is heading for a fascist state - he said. - Remember the laws of the Third Reich and early 30s. Banned trade unions, political parties, rallies. The same goes now. Who is legally prohibited conduct of meetings. The minimum fine for this - tens of thousands of rubles. For example, in the Volgograd region the average salary is 17,000 rubles, and in fact - 13. An ordinary citizen of the Russian Federation, there is simply no such money, and he can not in any way to express their political will. And the country as well as breathing changes, the need for deep political reforms. We are suffocating in slavery and poverty. We were thrown out with the legitimate political arena. Where will this lead?! "

As a result, an unauthorized rally by police officers were arrested and taken to the base member of the International Union of Anarchists Stikhin Boris, Sergey Mazanov blogger, a participant of the event, as well as covering the event videographer an information agency the city.

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