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Rostov businessman friends tricked by 34 million.

About 34 million rubles in less than a year and a half managed to earn two Rostovites ..

Large sums they gave a familiar dealer, convinced that investing millions in a lucrative business. In fact, the scheme was beneficial to all, except for the entrepreneur.

В«in December 2010 to 38-year-old businessman turned friends, who reported that allegedly have ties to the Rostov customs and can buy the arrested electrician for ridiculous prices. From the businessman was only required to give money for the purchase of confiscated goods. All current issues related to the supply of goods, businessmen promised to decide. They immediately warned that any documents will be signed, and the entrepreneur must believe their word, "- told the press service of the State Ministry of Interior of Russia in the Rostov region.

Rostovite agreed to the terms and gave the money to the familiar first batch of goods.

Soon after, he received 10% sold, but friends have asked a little more money to buy a new product. Their collaboration lasted about a year.

В«One day, the entrepreneur decided to still check the papers of his comrades in the business. However, the first man fed the "breakfast" and then explained that all documentation is "gray" and give it a businessman, they may not. Then the dealer went to the police. Police officers found that no business is not really there. Fun received money from a businessman, but after some time with the same amount it gave "interest." The rest was spent on their own needs ", - the press service of Don Glaucus.

During 16 months of Rostov businessman, had invested in the "case" 34 million rubles.

Writers' lucrative schemes "were detained by the Office of Criminal Investigation Police Don. They were 38-year-old and 33-year-old residents of Rostov. One of them had previously been convicted for moshennichetvo. In the same article, he would be tried for the second time. Company in the dock it will be the second participant fraud.

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