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Ksenia Sobchak prohibited conduct "Muz-TV".

Award "Muz-TV" to no one - Sobchak was removed, and the rustle of Malakhov refused.

It may happen that to award ceremony Muz-TV will be no one. The scandal surrounding the removal of Ksenia Sobchak is growing.

write in Twitter as another co-host, Andrey Malakhov, can give - in support of Xenia.

According to Malakhov, "Russian News Service," this issue, he now decides. The list of entertainers and Lera Kudryavtseva and Maxim Galkin.

Kudryavtseva had already expressed their indignation at the decision of Muz-TV, but the refusal of the reference is not stated.

According Sobchak in his microblog, channel management is not removed it on his own initiative. Certainly, there was a call to the request. In addition, on Friday, Sobchak was handing Taffy, in the category of best reporter. The ceremony was canceled - and the presenter of these events see the relationship.

Replace Sobchak, for example, Olga Shelest, Muz-TV can not - it would reject such suggestions - Rustle wrote on Twitter. The network already has unverified reports about the possible failure of Maxim Galkin. RBC.

According to Business FM, in an interview with Andrey Malakhov explained his refusal to participate in the award "Muz-TV" is not a political position, and friendship with Ksenia Sobchak.

"This is not a political decision. I do not participate in politics. In this case, Xenia - my friend. My position - a position of solidarity. Friends need support in difficult times. When I made the decision to participate in the ceremony of" Moose TV, "I was interested in working with a friend, that I was having fun. And when it was removed from the ceremony with me have never been consulted and did not tell me she will participate or not. I can not comment on the decision of the Muses - TV. deciding to dismiss Sobchak from the ceremony, the leadership of the Muses - TV, too, puts me in a kind of political situation. If I go to the ceremony, so I support someone I did not support, nor those of any other. "

Three days ago at the rehearsal ceremony Sobchak featured as one of the presenters. After its removal there were rumors that a replacement was called Olga Shelest. The fact that she allegedly offered to one hundred thousand dollars for the conduct of the ceremony, but refused to rustle, Bulk wrote on Twitter.

writes "Polar Star", to replace Sobchak Whisperwind nobody asked:

"I have very different plans for this evening, so I have to any award" Muz-TV "did not agree. I'm surprised that Xenia was assured that it will maintain that it is agreed that She did not say that for politicians, because it is entertaining show for young teens just that, perhaps, interested in politics, but certainly not at the award "Muz-TV." There was something strange, since the promises were received , just a few days to remove the lead from the ceremony, when her portraits glued the whole of Moscow. "

RSN Interview Olga Shelest clarified its position with respect to the award "Muz-TV", explaining that it has not been invited:

"Even two weeks ago, came such information is that of Lifenews call on Muz-TV, saying that Xenia insane, take the best Olga Shelest. So today, journalists have begun to call me and ask if I have proposed to replace the Xenia . me a MUZ-TV no one called and no one suggested it. That's why I wrote in her Twitter about trolling, "- she said.

O.Shelest It stated that the dismissal outraged Sobchak from work at the award ceremony. "Xenia assured that everything is in order. She promised to keep themselves well on the Prize, and her trust. Now, just 4 days it clean with a strange explanation," - she said.

Recall presenter wrote in his Twitter: "What kind of trolling, I am not going to award the Muse! Chose the lead-follow arrangements. And then assured Sobchak in love, and now catch a grenade!"

Sobchak told her in his microblog: "I appreciate, Olga, that otkazalas.inache so would" throw out "any neugodnogo.Odin for all and all for one!" (Kept spelling and punctuation authors).

Originally Andrei Malakhov was to become co-host of Muz-TV - together with Ksenia Sobchak. But after Sobchak was removed, he said that, apparently, will boycott the ceremony. In an interview to RSN Malakhov said he definitely supports the Xenia and now decides on its participation in the ceremony. He writes, "Echo of Moscow".

Thus it seems Award "Muz-TV" was in jeopardy, there is even a chance that it will have to cancel or reschedule a presentation of the award "Taffy," which also had to Ksenia Sobchak, which was simply no replaced. So the political ambitions of Xenia, were like to have a significant impact on the world of show business.

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