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Russian national ice hockey team won gold medals in the World Cup.

Russian national hockey team was the best in the world. On the eve of the finals were defeated Slovaks - 6:2 ..

Bill, which leaves no doubt who is strongest. In this championship the Russian team performed more than confident - 10 wins in 10 matches. Our objective was good in all elements, both in combination game, and in the power struggle.

14 seconds before the end of the match. Russia leads 6-2 in Slovakia, and it seems that the Slovaks did not resist because it is impossible to win back the advantage. 4 seconds, 3, 2, 1 - Russia - World Champion!

Two years later, again the best in the world. Ten wins in ten matches. Equally convincing 6-2 in the semifinals and finals. The Slovaks, like the Finns, throw the puck quickly, but do not last long. In the middle of the first period, Alexander Semin compares the expense. By the end of the second he was damning the efforts of Alexander Perezhogin, Alexei Tereshchenko, again, Alexander Semin. In his career, this is the second double in the World Cup finals, the first was in a memorable match against the Canadians in Quebec, four years ago.

"Emotions are always the same, because it is a gold medal is a gold medal. It must be won, it is very difficult in reality. Won the team", - said Russian striker Alexander Semin.

In the third period on a goal Pavel Datsyuk Slovaks meet her. But it is symbolic that point in the final of the tournament puts the best player Evgeni Malkin. Forward repeats a record of the legendary Wayne Gretzky. For one season is the best scorer and the NHL and World Cup - c 11 washers.

"To dedicate the victory?" - A journalist's question.

"Well, of course," Locomotives, "we can remember them, the guys who are no longer with us, unfortunately. And, of course, our whole country," - said striker Russia Evgeni Malkin.

Yaroslavl in September plane crash claimed the lives of an entire team. Slovaks go to the awarding of a deceased partner's sweaters in the team of Paul Demitry.

One of the heroes of the tournament, goalie Semyon Varlamov, starting in the "Locomotive" his career. Throughout the championship, he lost concentration currently allows only one day, when his hand gets the coveted trophy.

"Dedicated to victory over Russia, dedicating the victory of Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl my favorite, I dedicate the victory to my beloved city of Samara. All of the holiday, we won the gold for you. Thank you" - said Russia goalkeeper Simeon Varlamov.

Russian Anthem sings the whole team. Exclusive footage from the dressing room. Cup in the hands of Alexander Ovechkin quickly fill with champagne, but in no hurry to take a sip. Waiting when he returns from the press conference the chief creator of the winning Zinetula Bilyaletdinov.

"I am very happy not only for ourselves but for the guys who worked very hard, showed his character, the command shown to be for their own country. What we won and our country once again at the forefront of hockey, "- said the head coach of Russia Zinetula Bilyaletdinov.

to 17 players - this is the first world championship gold. The eldest of them, Pavel Datsyuk - 33. So, after two years at the Olympics in Sochi, our team will be in the prime of life. Many fans who have seen these games, sure it is really unbeatable.

In Russia, for the broadcast from Helsinki intensely watched millions of people. And at the end of the game, many of them took to the streets to celebrate the triumph of the team. In Moscow, until the morning were heard shouts of victory, complemented by road signals. Happy fans waving the tricolor, someone even picked up a hockey sticks and helmets. And the most loyal fans have come to one of the capital's airports - they wanted to wait for the arrival of our athletes to personally thank them for their victory at the World Championships.

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